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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Loss of Son

    Today is the one month anniversary of my son committing suicide at age of 26. I pray for comfort, strength, and peace in dealing with this loss and the suspicious circumstances for family members and his two precious daughters.
  • Brother Lee

    Please pray for healing as received not good news today at the dr. apt. Long road ahead. God knows everything he needs. Hope for his wife also. Thank you.
  • Grandson

    Please pray that my grandson won’t need surgery on his hand, that the bones will be in good alignment on Tuesday when he sees the dr. Thank you
  • Teen granddaughter

    Please pray for my 15 year old granddaughter. Her family has moved into a new community 180 miles from where they lived and my granddaughter is now needing to attend a new high school and make new friends. She is not wanting to go to school and struggling to start over in a new area. Please pray that a positive role model with come along by her side and make her feel accepted and welcome. Thank you all
  • accident

    I got in a minor accident tonight, it was my fault.. I backed into somebody.. We hit each others bumper.. I did not see him.. The guy said he thinks it would buff out.. Just scratches on both vehicles.. I pray that if buffs out.. And that the guy is honest about everything.. I am obsessing about the whole thing.. I would appreciate any prayer about it.. Thank you
  • my family needs prayer for healing and finance

    Pray for my family as we have to figure out how to handle a mess I cause with a auto wreck over two years ago. I wrecked my fathers car with no insurance and he is now facing huge bills for the damage. I have not be forward with my family about this and have covered it up. My family is now facing difficult times trying to pay these bills. I pray that my father who is in bad health will not fall into worse health worrying about this I pray for his health and safety. Lord I do love him even though I may not show it I pray for healing and grace and mercy.
  • Knee injury

    Pray for the doctors that they know how to care for my knee. I’m be had the injury since I was 15. I’m almost 35. Doctors are giving me mixed signals and it’s frustrating. I’m being seen by an orthopedic surgeon in a few days and in an immoblizer until then.
  • work

    Had to turn down the job offer, cause it was only 8 hours a week. Please continue to pray I find the right job. Thank you
  • Healing for infant

    My younger brother (Titus) and his wife (Annie) got a son yesterday by the Grace of God but unfortunately the child is in serious condition. Since, his birth he is admitted in INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (ICU) and is under observation. Doctor have informed that the child suffers with some problem in his head and is also in need of oxygen support. We desperately need all the prayer support we can get. Please pray for the infant to be completely healed. Thank You
  • Health concerns

    I have to have my mammogram redone and an ultra sound done, we have a family history of cancer. Im very concerned over this, and praying there is no cancer anywhere. Thank you for praying with me.