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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • my daughter

    My daughter is staying with a friend. Someone has been trying to break into her house. They called the police and they won't do anything. They are two young girls.
    Thank you for your prayers!
  • Brother-in-law

    Thank you for your prayers for my (ex) brother-in-law, John. He was told that lymph nodes had cancer in them and that he would have chemo. His recent surgery revealed that the lymph nodes were NOT cancer, and he does NOT have to have chemo. He lost about 12 inches of his colon. He was expected to be in the hospital for 10 days and is getting out sooner. As well, he was very grateful for all of the prayers that went out on his behalf, and was more open to discussing Jesus. I thank you for your prayers , may God be praised.
  • My husband

    My husband is an alcoholic and he's drinking again. He's also addicted to other stuff. Will you please pray for him.
    Thank you!
  • Tired and Depressed

    Being a parent now days is VERY HARD and I Am tired.
    Please pray for me......running on low!
  • Granddaughter

    Please pray for the salvation of my granddaughter, Chantel. She is making very unwise decisions and is now in a world of hurt. Please pray for her immediate needs---food, shelter, etc.---and that she is safe. She is the mother of a one year old and is pregnant again. She lives too far away for me to see her. Thank you.
  • Re:Healing

    I requested the prayer for "Healing" My name is Connie
  • Healing

    3 moths, I began suffering very challenging health issues. I have severe abdominal pain and neurological symptoms. I've lost 30lbs. I have not had a meal for almost 2 months and barely sip on water mixed with a little raw oat meal.I am no longer able to drive and had to go on medical leave the beginning of this month. I have a 4 1/2 year old son that I am having a hard time looking after. I have never questioned God's plans for me, nor will I ever say "why me?" but at this point, I am more afraid of living like this, than I am of dying from this. I'm not sure how much more I can take. There is days when I've want to give up and wish I was no longer able to feel anything anymore. I want to keep fighting, but this symptoms are so debilitating and no longer have the strength to do so . I can not function normally anymore...
  • Marriage

    Please just keep praying that my husband finds his way back to God and me and our children. He is so lost and confused right now and it is really hurting all of us. Pray for us both to have committment to our marriage
  • Son on drugs

    My son is living in his car and is doing Drugs. I keep praying for him but he need more than me praying for him his name
    is Daniel he is going to be 26 soon
  • the relationship con.

    I put a prayer request on earlier and I appreciate all who have prayed for me and my fiancé over this past week.
    Please keep the prayers coming, I know the Lord is working even when evil and odds are against our relationship, she is supposed to contact me soon and to be honest I'm scared of what she will say, but have continual peace of my love and commitment and the truth that has been shown. Please pray that the Lord will open up her eyes and heart to His will, His love and that she will continue to see my love and committed heart. Please pray that she will let go of anything that is not of the Lord, that she will fully see what God has brought her like He does for me. I choose to love her more than myself, I pray she will see and trust this. Please pray for strength in my heart, and courage to follow God's guiding hand too continue following His plan.