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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Marriage

    Please pray for my friends marriage. The wife feels lonely unwanted/unloved and the husband feels stressed and burdened.
  • Teen son

    Thank you for your prayers on behalf of my teen son. He has had no further incidents of attacks from the enemy. (Please continue to pray for the health concerns, it is a big ). The anointing of his room, my prayers, your prayers. well it all makes a difference. Glory be to the Lord, for His Grace and Mercy are for a life time. He is faithful. Don't give up. Pray without ceasing, He hears us.
  • Custody issues

    I got served with papers last night my ex is taking me to court to fight for my kids. I read part of it and it is lies accusing my husband I of abuse and neglect when we have done nothing wrong. I cannot afford an attorney and have no idea what to do with the mountain of papers and the hearing is scheduled for the 13th. All I can do is pray that God will get me through I have no idea what else to do.
  • Baby Granddaughter

    Please pray for the Lord to heal my 9 month old baby granddaughter, Ella. She was born a preemie at 4 pounds and is only 12 pounds at 9 months old. She has only gained 2 ounces in 3 months. She may be hospitalized today for failure to thrive. She has dairy and soy allergies. Thank you and may the Lord bless you.
  • Lost job

    Please pray for my family. My husband was just let go from his job and that was our only source of income as I stay home to care for our kids. Please pray that he gets hired to a new job soon and that we won't fall behind.
  • Son ~ Military ~ request prayers

    My son has tried to get into training for promotion for 3 years -- there has been continuous road blocks. He was accepted and is to leave on Thurs. As of today there are still packets and other things that he is waiting for from the Army, and cannot go without these packets. This promotion is well deserved but the carrot keeps getting further out. If he cannot attend this training it will be hard to get in again due to upcoming deployment. Please pray for my son to have all approved and be on his way to VA on Thurs July 2. I ask this in the name of our Loving Lord Jesus. Thank you !
  • Stomach pain leave

    Pls pray my new stomach pain will leave. I was on pain meds for my tennis elbow & pray I don't have stomach problems now. Need Lord to gibe husband guidance on few situations he is too busy to face but needs to deal with soon
  • Daughter's feet & cold healed soon

    Please pray Shannon is healed tonight from her cold & on-going feet pain & will feel Lord's comfort right now
  • needed prayer

    I would like to ask prayer for a few things.. I need a financial blessing.. Things keep coming along and sucking up what little money I have.. Also, there is some pain in my throat that keeps coming back.. I ask you that you would pray that God would bless me spiritually and emotionally ; as I am struggling with a lot.. I have mental illness and anxiety.. I believe in Jesus.. He is my savior.. And I thank you for your prayers.. I am praying for you all on a daily basis.. God bless
  • Please GOD i need a break!

    Hi my brothers and sisters at KEEH thanks to your prayers I survived the weekend between a dramatic drop in temperature bringing 24 hours of cold rain and the trying to avoid the gay parade in NYC like the plague I am still standing.With that said the library will be closed on Friday Saturday and Sunday so please if it is alright I am asking prayer for this weekend 4thof July and please asking God I am exhausted constantly in the publics eye had left me utterly exhausted in every way physically emotionally and Spiiritualy.GOD richly bless you brother Danny 5/30/15