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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Son's job search

    Pls pray our son is able to talk to right person to get re-hired at Walmart.He was told he is eligible & needs the chance to talk to the right person
  • Forgiveness & understanding

    Please pray that we can get together this weekend as planned & my grouchiness while sick this past week will be forgiven. I want us to have a fun time soon & my apology to be accepted
  • Prayer

    I am asking for prayers to help me find a positive outlook on life after going through a rough patch with my husband. I pray everyday that I can learn to trust him again and find relief from the anxiety and depression that I feel.
  • Child with Cancer

    I am requesting prayer for a family from church. Their 3 year old daughter was just diagnosed with cancer on her spine. She will be going in for surgery Wednesday November 19 at noon. Please pray for this sweet little girl and her family as they are going through this, and for a healing in her little body
  • I need patience!

    Ok. I asked The Lord to teach me patience and He is presenting opportunities all the time for me to choose His will over mine. I'm getting a little better, but with you all lifting me up to God, I feel I can only get better. Come on Holy Spirit! I need you!
  • Freind had a bad dream.

    Friend and neighbor had a bad dream that her 2 year old son and her only child was diagnosed with Cancer. Please join me in prayer that she find Jesus and lives for him and for her peace and comfort as well as prayer for this little boy. Thank you . Nova and mikki are their names.
  • health and financial

    August 28th I had surgery, I had complications and I bled out with the loss of half of my blood I was rushed back into surgery and given two transfusions. It has been physically and financially hard for me and my two children. I was released to go back to work and was struggling with not having my strength to withstand my job and the day, I went back to my doctor and I'm on medical leave again, she has me in physical therapy for strengthening, 2 times a week. God's got this! A week ago Friday I was sent a text by my ex husband he has lost his job and I won't be getting child support, God's got this!.I need everyone to stand in agreement with me that the Lord will take care of our needs as he has me exactly where he wants me, he has made me so strong, Many blessings to you, thank you
  • Right jobs for family

    One son needs a job that will work well with his school
    work & church needs & other son will graduate from a tech school & needs Lord to guide him to good job after graduation & daughter needs better job when done with online classes to see her baby more!thank you so very much for praying!
  • Financial healing

    Please pray that God will financial heal us! I keep praying for a miracle.
  • Think before you speak

    Pray that my husband thinks before he speaks. What would his reaction be if I said the same things he says to me, in the same tone, to him? Help him to see the hypocrisy in his words and actions.
    Thank you.