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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Husband's guidance

    Prayer for Jesus to help my hubby cope with difficult personalities at work & be rejuvenated in his spirit today
  • finances

    Need a financial miracle please.. I am not going forward in life, I just keep getting further behind.. God help me please.. Blessings to all
  • (no subject)

    Please pray Rachel's finances will be met by her new job soon, as well as some miracles from her debtors, Lord willing
  • Major Consequences to Husband Leading

    Trying to learn what God wants it to look like with housing, marriage and husband neglecting my health needs. Husband has flat said he will not consider my health needs in regards to my illness as he does not believe me or the doctors. Trying to figure out how to bring information to him in regards to my health needs, treatment, healing; but letting go of what he does with it, even if it means my health may suffer, possibly tremendously...and in turn leading to huge consequences to not only me but him and my daughter.
  • guidance

    Right now I am faced with making some significant decisions for my family, education, and job. And I desire God's leading in each of these things.
  • Overwhelmed and anxious

    I would appreciate prayer for myself and family. My husband and I are currently in counseling and are also struggling financially. My adult son lives with us as well and is not working. We took him in because he hit a real rough spot and needed the support emotionally and financially. He is unmotivated and very moody and it’s taking it’s toll. To top it off the house we are living in is going up for sale and now we need to find another place and it’s so expensive to move. I am so overwhelmed and anxious.. wondering where God is in all of this. We need help spiritually.. emotionally.. financially. Please pray for us.
  • My daughter & I

    please pray for me, I was in a hit & run accident and was out of work for 3 weeks without pay, my insurance is taking forever to go over my loss of wages for that duration. I will not be getting a paycheck until the 10th next month and my daughter is in college right now, they suspended her dining and her housing needs to be paid by the end of this week. we have asked for extensions on it but it takes a week or so for a decision. Her deadbeat father doesn't want to help at all. Please pray that my insurance company hurries and doesn't keep stalling me. I need a miracle. I know my God is great and amazing. Please Lord let me see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • EFailure

    I let a whole bunch of very Godly people down@ the Union gospel mission in Yakima wa failed the mens new life program for the 15 time please pray that THE LORD WOULD just take me home thanks
  • Gods help for Reconciliation with My Love

    Dear Almighty God: Please reconcile Amy and I as you commanded us to do in Your teachings. Lord, you know I tried many times and to no avail. Lord, I ask that you remove all barriers and allow us to communicate and resolve all issues. Lord, you are my only hope and I place all my trust in You. Please hear my cries for help and deliver me. Thank you Lord for allowing me to depend on you...
  • My DAD

    Please pray for my dads health and for strength as he starts all of his Dr. appts