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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Trying to get a house

    My wife and I are trying to get a loan for a house, we've been renting and saving for the last 5 and a half years, please pray for us.
  • Family

    My in-laws have been trying to get me out of the family since I joined. We have been married 10 years and have a son. More than anything I want peace and to be part of his family. Please pray for us that we might function as God intended family to do. If we can't have peace please pray I do not hold bitterness and can forgive and move on.
  • Don't Know What To Do Now ?

    Had the burning on the nerves done in my back and now they want me to go to Olympia or Seattle to see a surgeon.
    I am running out of money and time. Don't want to loose our apartment and end up out on the streets. Don't know what to do now.

    Help Lord
    Guy Wilks
  • fear

    Please pray that I would overcome irrational fear.. That I would stop having nightmares about my past.. That God would make my soul and spirit right.. Thank you
  • daughter safety

    Our daughter is alone abroad in the UK and no longer contacting us. So worried. Please pray for her safety and that we will hear from her very soon. Thank you.
  • Daughter

    Please pray our daughter & her new husband will have desire to turn to Jesus and also let us watch grandchildren even more than we already do, as they are in a tough stage now and need more help. Older grandson attached to us and her hubby trying but he works alot and seems meloncholy in the pics they send. Lord to give him sleep tonight!
  • College Aid

    My daughter really needs prayers to receive the help she needs to go to college, I feel like my hands are tied. Please pray for her and her future.
  • Provision

    I am in need of a spinal fusion and can not work. I am need of a miracle for finances to keep my home and provide for me through the surgery. I am seeking God's will and His guidance through this time. I know He cares and loves me but I need to see His hand move in my life. And it will be all for His glory, in Christ holy name. Amen.
  • Praise The Lord

    I want to thank all who prayed for me while waiting for an answer from SS Disability. I received a letter yesterday stating the appeal case was favorable towards me and I am now going to be able to stay on SSD. Please pray that I will be able to concentrate on making myself healthier so I can enjoy being a part of life. I'm 57 years old, I have had type 1 diabetes for 38 years, moderate asthma, chronic bronchitis and a gastric condition. I'm allowed to work about 10 hours a week as a RN Mental Health Case Manager, and I want to continue to do so, Lord Willing. Thank you.
  • Miracle

    I have an important interview I need to attend in London for the 3rd of August. I applied for the visa but I haven't heard back from the embassy. I really need God to intervene and come through for me so I can attend the interview as my future depends on it. If you can also pray for my faith because I feel like I'm constantly fighting one thing after another and I really need God to help and direct me cause I feel defeated and I'm tried of crying.