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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • sleep

    Can't sleep tonight...having panic attacks. Afraid the stress is damaging my heart. God give me strength for today
  • Daughter, Loneliness,

    Pray for my daughter, Jenny. She is single, mid-30'sand she knows God is looking at her and saving her for someone special, but she is getting tired of being lonely. . She knows God is at her side and she is not alone, but she would like someone she could spend her time and days with on this earth. Please pray for her ..
    Thank you,Karen
  • prayer and patience

    I ask for prayers for me and my two kids. I continue to struggle as a single mom. I fear to be alone and I know that God is by my side every step of the way. I am just having a real hard time learning to cope with this being alone.
    I ask for prayer and patience.

    I would also like to send a prayer request for someone i love dearly. This person is dealing with things so negative and I as a good person and caring person, I try to reach out to help and inspire. But i can't seem to get thru. Please pray so this person may continue to see the good in people, to have hope.
    Thank you.
  • So Confused

    I don't like to keep asking for prayer when I know there are other people who need prayer.
    My health is so messed up. My back is bad and going into the surgeon for that Monday. My hearing is bad
    my feet are swelling up and I keep getting told I need to loose wait. There has to be a answer to this. I
    know for me my body is getting older and falling apart. Shoots the heck out of my self esteem. I need a
    job and I can't work ,,, I need someone to share my life with and have no confidence in myself.
    I just keep praying for answers.

    Thank You All For Your Prayers ,,,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Need prayer for relationships and college work

    I would like to have prayer for a lady that helped raise me, she was not officially my mom/step mom but is very dear/near to my heart, she has a lot of pain over her daughter dying and one of her grandsons who is a friend of mine got into a lot of drugs trying to cope about his mother dying, the same ladies daughter. They both don't have a relationship with God or go to a good church and they are just drowning in their pain I believe. Please,please pray for Bonnie and James. I would also like prayer for my sister who is coming into this area/North west/ from Ohio, she is from the area and has a lot of hard feelings from her past and relationship with our mom, I would like prayer for restoration, Lastly, I would love to have prayer about my college classes as one is a really hard class and I am struggling a little bit, I pray God helps me gives me the wisdom to finish strong.
  • healing

    Prayers for Sarah are needed as she has lupus and has been unable to work for 2 months. She is in much pain and
    the doctors haven't found a medicine to help yet. She is a young Mother. Thank you.
  • healing

    Please pray for my 2 y/o grandson Lincoln as he has been sick with a virus with high fevers for 5 days.

    Also please pray for Brandon our close family friend who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of thyroid cancer. He will be having surgery Wednesday followed by radiation. He is 39 and has a wife and 3 girls.

    Thank you so very much!

    God bless each of you.