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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer request

    I am having financial difficulties as well as emotional ones. I have been trying succeed in life being a single mother of 5. I decided to go back to school to accomplish my bachelor's degree in business. I have sleepless nights and not to mention, just recently my 9 month old started having visits with his father and soon there after I received a picture that included my son in there, with his father, his father's wife and his little sister. The hardest part of this was that they also included a text calling my son a bastard. :( I have not been able to concentrate on my school stuff or work and I would like to ask for your help in prayer!
  • health

    Please pray for our caregiver Karens youngest daughter Alisha.she is passing out.she was taken to Pullman,Wa hospital nthis morning.
  • Finances

    I need a miracle! I owe money in large amounts to the government and other creditors that I am unable to pay. I am asking God for a miracle fish with a gold coin. (metafore). I know that he can do anything and works in ways we can not imagine. I ask for the courage to trust that he will work this all out and give me peace as I trust in him. Thank you!
  • Father heal my mind

    Heavenly father I, confess all our sins (me, daughter, husband) forgive us, shower YOUR mercy- deliver me from devil’s clutches (unwanted-uneven-ugly thoughts could not control). Touch; heal our mind, body, soul. Destroy all evil plans. Keep us healthy-happy, help my daughter in her study, give her knowledge-wisdom, protect us from all illness-infections, control my husband’s anger,teach him to become good husband-father, he takes all my earnings,YOU are my only hope, protect my job-no one may harm me at my job place, provide me finance, hide identity, IJN Amen