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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Family issues

    Please PRAY for our FAMILY were going Through A_LOT.,. MY HUSBAND is close to DEATH , He's MY Best friend....And DAD to our ADULT KIDS....'OUR daughter Kathy is STILL planning to MOVE OUT and go ACROSS the UNITED STATES with SOME GIRL NAMED CHLOE.. PRAY for MAJOR ROAD BLOCKS., PRAY she STAYS,,,,. WE NEED EACH OTHER....... PRAY for our FAMILY...... Thank you....
  • James financial

    Lord I pray that you would deliver James from financial difficulty. That you would bless his finances. That he would have the things he needs and get out of debt. That he would be able to fix his car. That it would not break down again. Thank you Lord. Amen
  • concerned mom

    Lord, I have read concerned moms prayer request, and I understand why she is concerned. I am sorry that her husband may die. I really hope he doesn't, that he would be well and happy. I think her daughter Kathy is running away from the issue, cause that is what seems right. When my mom was dying, I was young, and I didn't want to draw close, because I couldn't watch my mom suffer. But as I got older, I really wished I had been there for my mom. I hope you will change Kathy's heart Lord. That you would change her mind. That the best thing to do would be to spend time with her father. Those are precious moments we can't get back. Be with her mother with the right words to get her to stay. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that Kathy would make the right choice. God save her soul. God save her family. Amen
  • Sarah Wallace family

    Lord, please save Sarah Wallace and her family. I know what she is going through. I remember the Lord said, your family would be your enemy. But at the same time, he said too love your enemies. My own family loved each other. But never liked each other. My mom loved my dad, but she also hated him. He never really treated her well. And I understand why Sarah left her husband, and I know she still loves him. I pray that you would be there for her and her daughter at this time. Reassure her that she has made the right choice. That God you love her. I hope her husband would change his ways. And get right with God. I pray that God she would be on the road to recovery emotionally, and would forgive herself. I wish the very best for her and her family. Amen
  • Precious

    God bless the Lord for the gift of pets. We love them, they bring joy to our lives. I hope that Precious comes home. sounds like he or she is a member of the family. I hope in my heart that God will be with the family. It is never easy dealing with loss. God be with the little man who lost his pet. I know what he is going through. I have lost several. The Lord he giveth, and the Lord he taketh away. That is sound wisdom. We must not forget he is perfect. I don't mean that in a bad way. I just have to believe he has a reason for this. Once again, I hope Precious comes home, and that if he doesn't, he will find somebody who loves him completely. Amen
  • lolas dad

    Lord, I pray that you would be with lolas dad. That everything would go well with his doctors appointment. That his heart is working good with no blockage. I hope he doesn't need surgery. I pray that if there is blockage, he would get a miracle, and will be fine. Be with him and his family. Give them the comfort of the Holy Ghost. Amen
  • Prayers for Heather

    Dear Lord, I don't know the reason Heather left her boyfriend. But I believe she can make decisions for herself. I pray that you would be with her in this hard time. That you would shepherd her. I am sorry that she is going to have to have surgery. Please be with with Heather, and let her not be afraid. Be with the doctors to not make any mistakes. I hope that you work this for good, as we know you do. I pray that you would meet all her needs at this time. And that she would have your direction, and comfort. Amen
  • concerned wife

    God bless your heart for taking care of your husband. He is very lucky to have you. I am persuaded that he could get some social security disability to help you with the finances. That is what it is there for. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can get it. I will pray that he gets well, and God will be with you. I believe my heart is Christian. I will ask the Lord for a miracle. In Jesus mighty name. Amen
  • Prayer

    I come here every day and pray for you all. I have seen God move mountains in my life. I think of Diane. You might think the Lord doesn't care, but he does. You are a good and Godly woman. I hope things go well at work. And I hope your husband escapes the bondage of addiction. I think about Guy, who lives in pain, and can't understand why. My heart goes out to you brother. I know God will make a way for you. I see a lot of cancer, and financial issues in this room. Prayer to the Lord for guidance. I would just hope that we would all understand that God is good. So good he endured the cross for us all. Sometimes I sit and think, when the trials come, it seems like they will never be over. Then I think, even if I live a hundred years, it will have been worth it. Cause that it nothing compared to an eternity with God. We must never give up. He will deliver us. amen. take care
  • God is with you

    I just wanted to give a message of hope to everybody on here. God never forgets one of us, is never far from any of us. We don't always know the reason that trials come. But we have to have faith there is a reason. Just as he makes his sun shine on the good and evil. Jesus was a bruised reed while he was on the earth too. He warned us not to learn to our own understanding. If you have an illness, it is not cause God doesn't love you. I am persuaded he will be with us all till the end. How do I know that ? I have overcome schizophrenia, ptsd, bipolar disorder, anxiety, social anxiety disorder. After I accepted God, Jesus, that hit me like a mack truck. and I am not saying I am perfect. I still struggle with fear at times. Ocd. But I am also persuaded God will completely heal me. I have come so far. May you all get your miracle. Amen. And know that God loves you