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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for my son Leland

    Lord Jesus I bring my son Leland to you. I pray You would exult the power of the cross , the blood of Jesus, your protection and your favor upon his life. I pray by Your resurrection that You would cancel his debt and free him from charges pending against him for his upcoming court case on October 13th. Shine your face upon Leland and help him to acknowledge You as Lord and Savior. Use this time in Leland's life to bring him to a saving knowledge of You. I invite you into the situation and for the blood of Jesus to be upon the lawyers, judge, court documents, etc. and pray Your love and grace will prevail and there will be alternative resources provided to Leland that will allow him to rebound and rebuild his life in a positive manner to glorify you.
  • Prayers for strength and wisdom

    I'm taking my 90 year old dad to the doctor today to get officially tested for dementia. After a gun incident we had with him last week, I'm asking his doctor to talk to him about giving up his guns. Well, making him give them up. If he doesn't, I will have no other choice than to put him in assisted living. My mother and I are in fear for our lives when he gets angry and we can't live like this. I pray that this meeting goes smooth and he will realize that he needs to give them up for his safety and ours. Thank you, also, to those that lifted us up in prayer for the last week concerning the gun incident. We felt your love and prayers. God bless you all!
  • Prayer about Church and Following Christ

    Recently I have had to leave a church. I am now at a new church and this is the third church I've gone to since this incident at this other church. This incident has made me afraid to go back to church in fear of getting hurt again and having to leave. I need prayer that this church I am at now would be the church that God wants me at and if not, that God would lead me to the place He wants me to be at. And that I would be okay with His will in my life in this stressful and somewhat emotionally painful situation. There are nights where all I do at night to sleep at night is just cry and wrap myself in blankets. I would also like to request that even if this church doesn't work out for me, that I would be healed from this emotional pain I feel right now and that God would give me peace and assurance that He's still got everything even though I don't always see it.
  • Job

    I had an interview for a Postal worker today. I would like prayer that I get hired. Thank you so much God Bless!!
  • Prayer For My Daughter

    My daughter Jessica Wilks has applied for a job in the Kelso,Wa Police Dept. As a secretary and they have like 40 people applying for this job. It pays very well and she has two daughters to support. They are asking everyone to do a test to see who's qualified. I am praying for her to do good in this test and get the job.

    Would You All Pray For Her Also ..
    Thank You
    Guy Wilks
  • financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that my Father God help me to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, that I walk and think, and obey the Holy Spirit, with all of God's Wisdom, Power, and Understanding, that I worship Christ as the Lord of my life, That I not only know Jesus as the Son of God, but also as my very best friend, that God grant meal of the fruits of the Holy Spirit, that God will meet all of my needs according to His riches and glory in Christ Jesus My Risen Lord..

    Thank You very much..
  • Need prayer for God's direction

    I need prayer for God's direction and a few choices I have to make in this coming week, need clear direction from God.
  • Healing for me

    I need healing in my knees. The Dr. Said I need both knees replaced. I need to lose weight as well.
    Thank you for the prayers!
  • God's direction

    I need God to open the door for me that would get me a small plot of land. I am not sure which direction to go but I think it is time.
  • Marriage family addiction

    Please pray that my husband can trust in God again an take the right steps in his recovery from multiple addictions when our kids an I ask him to.