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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Wisdom

    Please keep me in prayer as I manage a very busy work-load over the next week and a half, including preparing to preach.
  • Mixed Up Inside

    1. I hate my job because of my fellow employee's and the way I am treated.
    2. I want to be with my daughter's and grand kids in Kelso, Wa.
    3. I am a very lonely man ,, was married once and have been single over 17 years. I keep asking God to put someone in my life ,, has not happened. I am on websites I don't belong on. I am just lost right now.

    Help Me Lord
  • Friend

    Please pray for my friend to have wisdom and peace. Her husband said he want divorce. He's not saved and doesn't treat her well
  • employment

    Hello Folks.. I have an interview for a job tomorrow, and it is the one I was praying for.. I am so nervous.. Please pray that things go well, and that I get the job.. I have social anxiety disorder and things like this make me nervous.. But I need this job.. Thank you for praying for me.. God bless
  • Prayers for no more surgeries and for God to heal her

    For 3 years, my fiancé who is 20 years old, suffered from great pain, and no doctors could find out what was causing her pain. This last week she had to have an emergency appendectomy. During the surgery, they discovered she has a hypermobile right colon, which is causing the pain. If you don't know what a hypermobile right colon is, it's when the colon is not connected to the abdominal wall. When this happens, the colon can move freely and cause kinks.
    We were told by the surgeon that since the appendix was cut out there is a sticky film that has a great chance of sticking the colon back to the abdominal wall.

    If this happens, she will no longer need surgery and be out of pain. Prayers are need for this to happen, so that she can get back to her normal life. She's had too many surgery's in the past and we can't afford for her to have more. Thank you very much.

    - Matthew
  • Loss of pets/home

    I live with my elderly mother and 2 1/2 years ago she had strokes. When she passes because I do not have the money for the mortgage, I will have to turn my pets over to strangers/ shelters and go into a homeless shelter myself.

    I"ve written to celebrities, entrepreneurs, tried GoFundMe, self-publishing my poetry, all without any success. I even reached out to a church here but because I have struggled with thoughts of suicide instead of them contacting me directly they called the police. As a result I have changed parishes but I will never reach out to a priest or church again with my situation directly.

    Please do not call the police, yes I have struggled with suicidal ideation for 2 1/2 years now but at this moment I'm not going to do anything right now. Please just prayer for me. I'm losing faith!

  • Depression

    So many negative things going on right now. Health, finances. Feeling so stressed I can barely function. I just want some things to work out or the good. I am currently struggling with my walk with God also.
  • Health

    My body is getting worse. I was diagnosed with a rare disease 3 1/2 years ago. Walking is getting worse, in a lot of pain, and other stuff. There is no cure for me. It's not terminal per say. It is getting unbearable some days. I know I have a lot to be thankful for, but it is hard to do sometimes. Have good and bad days. Never thought it would progress so fast. Scared I might need to have wheelchair soon.
  • Please pray for me to be strong and have wisdom

    I would like prayer that I would have wisdom on what to do in the coming year and just wisdom in general, I am in my 30's and live with my mom. There are reasons for it, I was living on my own several states away in Ohio and became depressed/suicidal from a lack of friends and intimate relationships, I don't know the biggest thing is that I became severely lonely and I have always been shy and have found it hard to make friends. I pray that the Lord helps me to grow mentally and blesses me with many friends/hopefully a girlfriend and that I can get going on a career that I want to do, I have dreams of what I would like to do but I feel like the Lord would have to heal me of my prematurity/being born premature as I have found that can have many detriments on an adult later in life. I am also having problems with my mom, I pray for her to grow, but I also need to live on my own I think.
  • Mother/Daughter relationship

    Please pray for my mother and I. I spent most of my childhood not knowing her and now We have a big communication problem. I don't know how to talk to her or even begin to tell her what's bothering me and she has a hard time understanding. I'm afraid of telling her anything because it might offend her. I hope one day I could have a better relationship with her.