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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Relationship

    I joined Match.com recently. Although this is not the first time I joined, it IS the first time I have asked for prayer support. I have been alone for 18 years, lost my spouse to death & have a great life, live simply, but have this heart ache to be in a relationship again. Please pray God will end this loneliness with the right person. Especially tough as the holidays approach. Thank You!
  • bill

    I have a bill that is due in less than a week. There's a financial hangup in my life that is holding everything up. It stressing me out!
  • Healing for me

    Will you please pray for me. I'm really sick with a bad cold.
    Thank you!
  • the loss the hurt

    Please prayer for me I am going thought some things
  • feeling alone and trapped

    I feel stuck and alone. Just as I start to feel like my life is moving forward, on whatever path God has for me, I feel dragged back into the pit of despair where I was when I found Him so many years ago. I am tired of crawling out of this again and again. I pray daily for guidance on what to do next, taking everything one step at a time. I feel abandoned by all the people close to me, even my church family, who are loving and kind. I feel so alone and lost all of the time. I have awesome friends but still often feel alone and invisible. The silence is too loud.
  • Election Encouragement

    A prayer challenge to look beyond the elections to our true King. No matter who wins today God is in control. Proverbs 8:16 reminds us, "By me (God) princes rule, and nobles, all the judges of the earth." Even if your chosen candidate does not win on Wednesday, "let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Matt 5:16
  • Death of baby

    last week I asked for your Prayers for baby twin Dylan. Well now I come before asking you please join me in Prayer for his Mommy Katie And Daddy Dan as Baby Dylan lost his battle may he RIP with his heavenly family now. But his Parents are heart broken of their loss and still Praying and trying to keep it together and stay strong for twin sister Sophia who is in the
    NICU still battling born at 25weeks and very preemie. We Pray God will comfort the parents and give the peace through this storm and strength to continue standing in Faith. Thx you in advance to you all. #GodAboveAll
  • Husband health/addiction/spiritual warfare

    Please pray for my husband who is undergoing spiritual warfare and shutting me out to spare my hurt. He's turning to alcohol. His mom and I are going to encourage rehab please pray he's receptive and overcomes his alcohol addiction. He is a Christian but I'm afraid he's lost right now. I overheard him talking to his mom last night it sounds like he may have a very serious and possibly deadly health condition. He told her not to say anything because he hadn't told anyone not even me. We have a 7month old son. Please pray for strength and peace for me. I'm feeling alone and scared, pray that I can love through my pain and not stress but trust God. Please pray that God will consume our family with his peace, love, joy, and strength. Please pray that he will heal us spiritually, mentally, and physically. Please pray that we will be at peace in His will.
  • Car and SSI hearing

    PLease pray for us, my mom brother and I live together and only have one car (me and my brother cant drive do to finances) and it jut blew a flat and another one is about to bust. We do not have the funds at the moment to replace them and we live in a rural town 20 minutes from the city. please pray that God provides a way to replace them. We are also coming up on my mom's hearing for her SSI, its been 8 years dragged out and so much has piled around us. It Feels like jenga and slowly so many blocks have been pulled out and our tower is about to topple. please pray that she will win and that they will go all the way back in back pay. so much has come on us and we are stressed. Thank you and may God be with you in your own struggles.
  • Prayer for Guidance

    I would like prayer that God guides me this next week and that I continue to grow in wisdom and not doubt God that he will give me wisdom. I thank God for all his help in my life and I praise him for his wisdom and timing. I want to grow in a grateful heart and know God has good stored up good for me, and not evil. I also would like prayer that I grow in a more loving/trusting heart. Thank You for prayers