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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Financial help

    I am looking for financial freedom. Every time I get on my feet, I get knocked down with some unexpected health crisis, car repair, bill etc. I want to break free from this.
  • Family issues

    , PRAYER WARRIORS Please PRAY for our Daughter KATHY NOT to MOVE OUT and go ACROSS the UNITED STATES with SOME GIRL NAMED CHLOE,, SHE'S having a HARD TIME with HER DÀD so close to DEATH..,... PRAY for MAJOR ROAD BLOCKS HINDRANCES,, Please PRAY she STAYS, HERE... THIS ISN'T the RIGHT TIME for HER to MOVE OUT..... Please,c. GOD Pray she WON'T MOVE OUT,and. GO with CHLOE..... Right NOW. We NEED EACH OTHER, Please PRAY for our FAMILY,were ALL through A_LOT..
  • Surgery

    My Dad (John), who is 85 years old, is going into surgery April 19 to replace a valve and have at least a triple bypass. He also has kidney disease, so will be looking at short or long term dialysis after the heart surgery. Pray as your heart leads - His Will! Prayer that our family will be accepting of whatever God's Will is.
  • Veterans Administration

    I submitted a prayer request in March for my husband and his claim with the Veteran's Administration. He has experienced vocal chord cancer due to exposure to Agent Orange and should be qualified for disability benefits. My prayer request is that the paperwork will reach the appropriate people and be processed in a timely manner as to alleviate stress. I thank you in advance for your continued prayers in this matter.
  • Truth

    I requested prayers for truth in a difficult legal battle on March 20. I am returning to the prayer center to report that the results were positive although the total truth was not revealed. I will continue to pray for the mother in the situation in hopes that she will get the mental health treatment that she needs. THANK YOU to all who have prayed in this situation!
  • Husband drinking again

    My husband has went back to drinking everyday again . He has been like for years . He lies about it and it makes me so mad I don't think I can emotionally handle it anymore . We now have a little boy , so am not sure what to do . He doesn't harm anyone he just gets drunk and passes out downstairs . He is actually a great day other then that , but I don't feel like I can't handle it . I threw a pillow at him last night and cries myslef to sleep . I desperately need god to change this heart or I think I must leave for my sanity . I do not drink and I don't feel like my son should grow up knowing this father passes out drunk alsmot every night . The worst part is I caught him looking at adult website sites which also breaks me down . I have stuck by him for years and tired to help and guide me but he keeps going back to his old ways. What do I do god?
  • responsibilities

    I have a lot of responsibilities to fulfill at this time (school, work, etc.). I feel a bit overwhelmed. Please keep me in prayer.
  • Healing

    I am really needing God's healing touch. Please pray that God will heal my body. Thank you.
  • Financial problems

    My husband and I are having financial problems we have debt that we just can't seem to pay off, we would love to purchase a home but need to lower this debt, please pray for for us in this hard time. Lord we thank you for your wisdom and help guide us thru.
  • Depression

    I am a 63 year old widow n feel so alone. Friends seem scarce n now we have a slumlord who bought the trailer park I live in I was so thankful to buy this trailer n have reasonable space rent that I could afford. This corporation (the CEO,S last name is crook) raises
    N raises the rent n lets the park fall apart.I have prayed n prayed n the lord would remove him n am getting discouraged with no answer. Non of the people who live here can afford to live anywhere else. I would love to move to a nicer park but can't afford a nicer trailer. Please pray for all of the people who live here n in the other parks they have bought n are doing the same thing to them . Some have had to fill in the park pool because he would not keep it up but more than doubled their rent They are hurting a lot of people on fixed incomes n getting rich off the poor