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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Thank You All

    Last Monday I posted a request to pray for me and my son cause we were staying in a hotel for almost a month and that I wanted everyone to pray for us to get our own place call home. So we all pray and yesterday I signed my lease and got my new keys for a new place call me. So thank you god foremost for always being there for us even when we feel overwhelm with life cause you never let us down and thank you all for sending me your prayers. Praying goes a long way. God Bless you all!!!!
  • SomeBody Help Me ,,,, Please

    I work at Toyota. I have been there almost 5 years. I have been called names ,, put down and disrespected. I went to the unemployment office to find out if I could quit and get unemployment. She said she thought 4 weeks before I get anything. I am tired of coming home crying because I can't take it anymore. I want to move to Kelso,Wa where my daughters and grand kids are. Having problems finding a job ,,, finding a apartment. I feel so lost right now and don't know what to do ? HELP ME LORD
  • Prayers for a home

    Hi, I've been basically homeless since January. I'm on disability and even though its been very hard, I'm learning to lean on Jesus for my every needs. There is a program that is helping me to possibly buy a tiny house. I'm trusting God in this. It would be a breakthrough for me in moving forward. I see my counselor on August 9th to find out if I'm able to work at least part-time. Please pray I don't waver in doing what the Lord wants. He's brought me a long way and I don't want to go off the path I'm on now. I know if I stay focused on Jesus regardless of what happens, I will be safe and secure in him. Thank you! I love PLR...I listen to your station as much as I'm able to. It gives me hope and encouragement.
  • Garden

    I know this may seem like a silly prayer request but I need prayer that my garden will explode with fruits and veggies. I depend on it for food for our family for most of the year so it really is important to me. The weather has really slowed it down and I also had someone vandalize and steal from it too. I am just praying God will bless it so I can get the food we need. I ask for God to use Malachi 3:10. Thank you and God bless!
  • My husband

    My husband needs prayers right now. He is out of town and is going through withdrawals. He really needs prayers.
    Thank you so much!
  • spiritual strength

    I have all my trust and hope in our lord Jesus I know he has everything under control I have seen and believe in the power of prayer I consider my self to be strong spiritually but we all need prayer no matter on what level of maturity we are in we need each other to make it in our walk with the lord when we encounter difficulty I cant really explain what is going on but I find my self feeling tired and exhausted at times please pray for my spiritual strength thank you all for taking the time to pray for me I really appreciate it once again =THANK YOU & GOD BLESS=
  • Child of God diagnosed with cancer in Female parts

    Please join me in prayer for Chani she has been diagnosed with cancer and needs a lot of Gods help now Thank you
  • Job and health

    Applied for job as intern supervisor at EWU. Want this very much! Also continued healing for broken foot from diabetic foot disease. Asking for God's favor & blessing for these.
  • Trust property

    I have a trust that is run by Wells Fargo bank and they are forcing the sale of the property for much less then it is worth, and are being completely secretive about it. I have little to say about it that won't cost me tons of money with atty's that I do not have. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will intervene on my behalf. Thank you and God bless.
  • Tithe

    I misplaced more than $100 in tithe money. If you could please pray that I would find it.