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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

    PRAYER WARRIORS Please for our FAMILY, My​ BEST FRIEND, My HUSBAND OUR ADULT KIDS DAD....,,,He DOESN'T have A_LOT TIME LEFT.., Please PRAY for our FAMILY, Were going Through A HARD TIME..., Please​ PRAY for our Daughter Kathy, who is STILL PLANNING to MOVE OUT and go ACROSS the UNITED STATES with SOME GIRL NAMED CHLOE...... PRAY for MAJOR BLOCKS HINDRANCES,. Please PRAY she STAYS.... PRAY for our FAMILY WE NEED EACH OTHER..,.. Thank you...
  • Update on my Dad

    The Aniograph went good. God is good there is no blockage in the heart and the right artery is good but the left artery has disease which the doctor will refer to a surgeon to determine the next steps. Praise God no blockage and my dad's heart looks good overall. Thanks for everyone prayers and continue to pray for no surgery on the left artery is all possible. It's all in God's hands.
  • Husband's job interviews

    My hubby has 4 interviews lined up! Please pray for favor and us to make the wisest decisions, if he gets offers by more than one company
  • work

    Things at work going to be stressful tonight.. Please pray everything goes well.. Thank you
  • health issues

    First off, there is a bit of a praise at the beginning of this. I have started a job after being unemployed for two and a half years. After two weeks at my new job, I ended up in the hospital for a weekend and missed three shifts due to a bowel obstruction. When they did the CT to find out what was going on, they also discovered a hernia that I was unaware of. After getting out of the hospital, I had to run my wife in to the ER as she was having a couple issues. One was a UTI which is treatable very easily. The other was a mass was discovered on one of her ovaries. I can see this as it is, a Satanic attack as God tries to turn around what the two and a half years of unemployment had done. Just need prayer to help us get through this and see what God has in store for us on the other side.
  • Please pray for my 4 yr ol Santiago

    Dear prayer warriors.
    I am the father of a 4yr old with a developmental delay. He does not talk, although very smart. I firmly believe that the Father hears all of our prayers. My little one makes great strides, but I need your prayers so that he will be healed, able to talk and develop normally. Nothing, no problem is bigher than our God. I am also praying for you.
  • Family issues

    Please PRAY for our FAMILY were going Through A_LOT.,. MY HUSBAND is close to DEATH , He's MY Best friend....And DAD to our ADULT KIDS....'OUR daughter Kathy is STILL planning to MOVE OUT and go ACROSS the UNITED STATES with SOME GIRL NAMED CHLOE.. PRAY for MAJOR ROAD BLOCKS., PRAY she STAYS,,,,. WE NEED EACH OTHER....... PRAY for our FAMILY...... Thank you....
  • James financial

    Lord I pray that you would deliver James from financial difficulty. That you would bless his finances. That he would have the things he needs and get out of debt. That he would be able to fix his car. That it would not break down again. Thank you Lord. Amen
  • concerned mom

    Lord, I have read concerned moms prayer request, and I understand why she is concerned. I am sorry that her husband may die. I really hope he doesn't, that he would be well and happy. I think her daughter Kathy is running away from the issue, cause that is what seems right. When my mom was dying, I was young, and I didn't want to draw close, because I couldn't watch my mom suffer. But as I got older, I really wished I had been there for my mom. I hope you will change Kathy's heart Lord. That you would change her mind. That the best thing to do would be to spend time with her father. Those are precious moments we can't get back. Be with her mother with the right words to get her to stay. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that Kathy would make the right choice. God save her soul. God save her family. Amen
  • Sarah Wallace family

    Lord, please save Sarah Wallace and her family. I know what she is going through. I remember the Lord said, your family would be your enemy. But at the same time, he said too love your enemies. My own family loved each other. But never liked each other. My mom loved my dad, but she also hated him. He never really treated her well. And I understand why Sarah left her husband, and I know she still loves him. I pray that you would be there for her and her daughter at this time. Reassure her that she has made the right choice. That God you love her. I hope her husband would change his ways. And get right with God. I pray that God she would be on the road to recovery emotionally, and would forgive herself. I wish the very best for her and her family. Amen