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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Under Employment ... Update

    Thank God for answered prayer!

    After months of draining my savings to make ends meet, God has provided! I've
    been promoted to a full time position in the department I wanted in the company
    I've worked part time for about fourteen months.

    Praise God!!!

    And Thank You for Your Prayers!!!
  • update

    Still no water and now no home.the stress i guess of the situation caused an outburst so traumatic i had to call 911. Now i have only my car;no clothes no place to live. And again all my Christian friends and family say; "im sorry, hang in there. I cant do this much longer. Thank heaven for my job. I need a miracle
  • New Home

    My husband and I received notice our home was being sold by the owner. We have a 10 year old and a 5 month old. We have been living in our home for a little over three years. We now are looking for a new home. It could take months, it could take years. But, having to live like we are going to get a notice that the house has been sold, is not a very comfortable way of living. Please pray we find something soon.
  • Divorce

    My husband had an affair. We are getting divorced, but I am still in nursing school full time. So we are still living together raising our daughter, but in separate rooms. I need peace, and financial support to finish school and raise my daughter without the constant bitterness and anger in the house. I need a miracle to pay for school.
  • Wife and I going through a dark time

    My wife and I need prayer. On the verge of divorce with little ones in the mix.
  • God to open a door for us.

    My love needs your prayers today. He was fired from his job today because of reason he should not have been, not really one to put out business on the internet but we could use a prayer to God for a Door too open, to show us they way he wants us to move and give Brandon the patients to listen to what God is trying to tell him. To help us have faith that God WILL provide and WILL show us a way out and what he has in store for us.
    We are both strong in our faith but it makes it hard when you have three kids to care for not to just jump on the next thing available. We need to have a our listening ears on and ask God what's next instead of handling it our selves. but that is much easier said then done. I guess I am asking for a prayer of strength to hold on and listen for an answer.
    Thank you :) God Bless
  • Bills, teeth, home.

    My teeth are in terrible shape and need to be pulled, dentists only want to keep fixing them. They have been terrible my whole life and bad teeth run in our family. We recently had a friend move in with us and we need a bigger house, but we are behind on several bills and don't have deposit. My friend, my sister and I all share a house and we are all golden girls on social security. Please pray for some money to catch up on bills, and for a deposit, and a way to get my teeth out. I'm sorry this is so long. Thanks for praying. Have a blessed day.
  • Praise that daughter home!

    Praise report that daughter is home with her 2 yr old! Pls pray she seeks Lord now. Went to Bible study tonight with her brother!
  • My friends knee

    My friend Machaiah (ma kI ah) Dislocated her knee which tore of some of the cartilage connecting her femur to her fibula. She has has surgery and is starting to recover but it is very painful. Please pray for her and her family as they go through this hard time in their life, she is only 14 and needs your prayer.

    Thank you so much for your prayer,
  • Our finances and a job

    Please pray for our finances. That i will get a job.
    Thank you!