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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Business Opportunity That Will Do Good For All

    I pray each day that the business that my friend and I started 2.5 years ago, will finally open. It has been a struggle and I pray for the struggle of this phase to end. This business has the opportunity to help millions of people. I pray for one chance at it to work. I pray that it is real and for a chance to work hard that I am fully willing to put forth. Please pray for us.
  • Husband in pain from my lies

    My marriage won't make it without God's healing. Please pray for God to place his hand on my husband's broken heart. To renew love in our marriage. For the fog over his eyes to be lifted. For him to come to God on all things and trust that God will never forsake him. To feel God's love. To hear God's voice and guidance. And for men who love the lord and will show love and compassion to my husband to come into our lives.
    We have two beautiful boys, 4 and 1. I desire to God's glory and to restore what I have broken.
    Please pray for God's healing hand.
  • Need prayer for Brother

    I would like prayer for my brother, Jake. I think he is doing drugs again and I think I know who gave it to him, I would like prayer for him as well as he is dealing with a lot of pain and hurt too. His first name starts with a "J" as well. I think my brother was doing well for a while but has fallen apart again, I never quit praying for him and I don't understand why God hasn't been answering my prayers, I think my brother was clean for about 6 months, but I don't know he has always been a good "deceiver" , Jacob in the bible I think his named meant something along the lines of deceiver and Jacob of the bible also wrestled with God and that seems to be what my brother is doing. I hope my brother and his friend come to a relationship with Jesus and find healing in their lives and their lives can be turned around.
  • Need a home PLEASE!

    I am living in the car with a service dog, and have been since July. I need a place that is on the ground floor and not over 550 a month, two bedrooms would be best as I have an aid that at times needs to stay over do to my disabilities. And some yard would be great for the dog it is a golden retriever. We are in the Yakima area and need something fast the cold is to much for me and making life worse. I have tried all over, my church has been great in helping when they can, it has been a blessing. I need help and fast, some how. Thank you for praying for us.
  • Being a Vegetarian

    Please pray for my future husband, the man that God has for me that he will love me and accept me for who I am. Pray that he won't care that I am a vegetarian. Pray that he is a vegetarian like me or that he knows how to cook even if he eats meat. Guys don't seem to like me anymore once they find out I am a vegetarian. They don't even want to get to know me or ask me out on a date. I have never been on a date before.
  • Food

    We have no food and no gas to go to a food bank. We need a miracle.
  • Public Speaking

    I have the opportunity to teach at a youth group tonight for the first time, and I am praying for guidence so I will speak God's truth and be able to reach these kids with my lesson.

    Any prayers for support would be amazing :)
  • Guidance

    My husband Tim started a new job several months ago. He thought it would be an awesome opportunity and took the position. This job is a good paying job, but very demanding mentally, and demanding very long hours. The kids and I hardly see him, and when we do he is drained and tired. Please pray for guidance for our family, did we hear and do right according to Gods will. Thank you
  • Hold up on paperwork

    A business has some of our much needed paperwork for our deal to go through and there's a hold up. I am asking for prayer that they will make this a priority so that we can get things moving along. Thanks.
  • Court Case

    Please pray that my court case is thrown out before trial or that Jesus helps me through! Jesus knows my innocence! I hope his will isn't me go to prison but let his will be done!