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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Horrible accusations...lies

    Lies are being told about me, horrible things are being said that are not true. This person is trying to rip our family apart and taking things way too far. The devil is at play. Lord help this issue go away. I don't want my family to go through anymore pain then they already have because of this person. I am so hurt and my mind is all over the place. Help me foucs and responsed in a way that is pleasing to you lord.
  • 2yr old sick!

    Please pray for my little girl. She got a stomach virus wed night and cannot hold anything down. It's now Friday morning. Pray for her healing and pray for a calmness for my husband and peace in our home.
  • My Faith Journey

    Dear Everyone I ask for prayer today from everyone for everyone that is going through something. I pray that god reins upon them with his grae. I ask for prayer that I continue my journey through faith. As I embark in relocating I pray that god continues to protect and guide me with my family as we take the road to our new place of life and faith. I pray that he continue to give me wisdom and guidance and in all the steps I take, that I continue to grow stronger in his grace and rebuke against all negative that comes my way. I pray to continue to break the curse of alcohol and continue to be a better mother to my kids, In jesus name. I pray for all!!!
  • Nieces salvation

    Please pray for my niece Sarah. She has really got herself in some trouble this time. She owes the state over ten thousand for some court fees. They are about to stick her in jail. She has a warrant. I have been praying for her a long time. That she would get saved. Give up her meth addiction. I pray for Gods divine intervention in her life. That God would take ahold of her life. Thank you for standing in agreement with me that this young lady will be saved. Amen
  • Work

    Please pray for me.. I am trying to find a new job.. I had an interview today, but it didn't go so well.. And I am kind of glad about that.. Cause this job is dirty.. Separating bedding that comes from the hospital.. Please pray that I would find a job.. The right one, and that future interviews will go well.. I have social anxiety disorder, and other mental illness.. And I want to say thank you to those who prayed in the past.. God has been working.. He has healed me some.. It is my goal to overcome this mental illness.. God bless everyone.. I am praying for you too..
  • Guidance

    That God will prove victorious in spite of the failures of this wretched man I've found myself to be. That repentance would be not of my mouth, but of my heart. That the Holy Spirit would guide me down a path pleasing to God the Father and worthy of calling Jesus my friend. That I may have courage to respond. Bless you.
  • Need employment

    I need employment and my unemployment checks end in June. I have strongholds of fear and low self-esteem. I am
    getting counseling for my fear, etc., and I'm a lot better than I was two months ago. My memory isn't very good at times & it's hard for me to think, when I get stressed, which I am a lot of the time.
  • Illness

    I have been very ill with a perforated appendix and infection. I am weak and seem to keep getting infection and having setbacks. I trust Heavenly Father is in control but would like prayers for healing and strength.
  • prayer for wisdom and guidance. love for others

    I would like prayer for wisdom and guidance from God and for him to help mature me and my heart, I seek God very deeply but sometimes I still feel like I don't love my neighbor as myself and have sometimes don't feel a genuine love for people. I need help to be patient with people that frustrate me. I would also like God to help direct my path and heal my mind from being born premature and some issues that brings. I also ask God to put a girl in my life that I will love and cherish.
  • my daughter

    Please pray for my daughter her car was stolen and now is Recovered but the cost that she has incurred are
    draining her. she's a young mother and is worried how she will provide for her son. she just needs to be comforted in this time of stress and unknowing.