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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Doctor care

    Please pray for me. I stick with my doctor because they offer services that I can't find elsewhere in town but the doctor and nurse do not listen to me at all. And yesterday the nurse interrupted me and insinuated that I wasn't as bad as I state. When I asked for clarification, the nurse pretended to say something else. More than anything, I want to be healed so I can be rid of these people. If God isn't going to heal me, my prayer is that these two have to see where I am coming from and that I am as bad as I say I am.
  • New job, feel inadequate, trust God's power

    Recently, I applied for a job, and didn't think I had a chance getting it, but thought it would be worth a shot to try. My prayer was this: "God, please only give me the job if its part of your plan, if not I don't want it." I ended up getting the job! Now I feel inadequate and unprepared. But I trust that God's strength is made perfect in my weaknesses. Also that since I got the job, it must be part of His will & plan for my life, so He will equip me to do what He wants me to do. Please pray for me to discern and sort out my thoughts. Focus on God and put Him FIRST in everything, all things, at all times! For strength, wisdom, courage to do this job according to Christ. Thank you for praying.
  • Wisdom and Hope

    Please lift me up in prayer tomorrow Friday at 12:30. I have a phone interview for a position that would allow me to use the gifts that our heavenly father has given me.
  • Praise report!

    My husband had a better work day yesterday & our son got a job in art dept at his college & other son finishing his tech school strong! Thanks for prayers!
  • daughter

    Please pray for my daughter as her x has placed a law suit against her. So very stressful and untruthful.
    thank you
  • Son--fasely accused

    My son, is a wonderful young man and father. He has been accused of making threats against his ex-wife by a women who he befriended and let stay with her family in his house. Because of this, he was given a restraining order and arrested, so can't even go to his own house and lost his job. The woman and her family have continued to live there without paying anything. I am trying to get her out, which the courts favor the renter. We are praying for a miracle to save the house as it was in my family for 50 years. He has a pre-trial tomorrow and I am praying, fasting and believing for a miracle that all charges will be dropped.
  • Please pray for my family

    Please for my family that we all give our heart to God and let him take over.
  • Intercessors, I need you!

    I am in so much need of you to pray for me to keep my trust in The Lord. I've been praying for important things for our Church and feel the enemy attacking me. I'm so depleted of strength and need you to stand in for me and raise my hands.
    I praise God for you and bless you in His Holy Name!
  • Husband wisdom at work

    My husband needs ally of wisdom & peace for some work issues. He is a believer & trusts God to help him..pls pray for an extra measure of discernment & endurance
  • Intercession, mercy, and protection

    Please pray for Jesus to intercede for my husband. The devil is attacking him viciously and we need prayer for Jesus to be victorious and deliver us. Please pray for God's mercy and protection over our family and that the devil is stopped from hurting us any more. Let God's will be done. In Jesus name, Amen.