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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Son & daughter desire scripture

    Pls pray the Lord will be open to the occasional scripture verse I'll text every few weeks..today it was James talking about wisdom
  • Jobs for adult children

    Pls pray the Lord will open/close doors for the job opportunities He wants for our three children. One desires to change & has interview tomorrow & one has more testing for a job he was offered & one needs a job while in college
  • health, finances and work

    Please pray for my fiancee, my 2 yr old daughter and myself that we will be able to make ends meet and be able to pay our rent, electricity and necessary bills, pray that jobs will be provided and kept and that we will get section 8 housing.
  • need prayer for my mom

    my mom is on her second week in the CCU trying to get over pnemonia and ARDS complications... she turned 80 this year... we always spend mothers day together as its my birthday... and her day..she was going to be on a cruize this year the first anniversary of my dad's passing.... and this time she is in the hospital we had to cancel her trip... its was her bucket list forever... she is a fighter and a caregiver to 6 people in the passed including my dad. she helped make thier life better at the end of thier times. She loves the Lord... we are praying for her to be healed of this and to have more of her life to enjoy free of pain. Thankyou it means soo much.
  • interview today for fulltime job pray for me

    Heavenly father help me Send your angels to me touch my boss mike. to give this fulltime job for me please open your door for me father god .
    brother and sister please include me in your prayer .in Jesus name amen.
  • Prayers for my Marriage to be saved

    My wife wants a divorce and I do not. I had a previous marriage that left me very angry as well as Iraq. In this marriage I carried a lot of that anger still. I was pessimistic all the time and a jerk to people and just mean. My wife Angel shouldered happiness for us both hoping I would change but she came to a breaking point a little over a couple months ago. I haven't always been the best husband but I was and am happy with her. I have had other chances and I feel that with this last chance she gave me a couple months ago I have shown her that I am changing for the better. She even acknowledged that she has liked who I am becoming. A week ago I slipped back into anger after misinterpreting a text she sent. I was mean. I love her dearly and I fear I will not get another chance. Please help

  • training

    I have training Tuesday and Wednesday. Will you pray everything goes well.
    Thank you
  • mothers day

    Please pray that I will have a nice mothers day with my family. My husband has addictions
    Thank you for prayers
  • Job Opportunity

    In February, I lost my job and I have been trusting the Lord to open another opportunity for me. Kindly pray for the grace of the Lord on me and also lead me to the right corporations. I also ask that my faith in Christ would grow and I would solely rely on Him. I really need the Lord to take absolute control of my situation. Amen.
  • Abused

    I kept away from most of my family for good reason; they are beyond dysfunctional. A family member that I am still in contact with got in touch with them and convinced me to try again. She knew how unsure I felt about them but was hoping they had changed. They had not. I am going through the worst period of my life ever and these people just kicked me while I was down. I am a grown person and didn't need this. I am so hurt and upset. All I ever did was offer them love and they threw me away like trash.