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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My Family Doesn't Get It

    Everybody's family is messed, but I doubt as much as mine. I live in a step family of 7 and my mother and I are the only believers. It's so hard, because the other kids don't listen or clean up after their messes and my mother is a stay-at-home mom with OCD. She's nearly killed her self, I'm just guessing. she's been putting up with this for 6 years now, and my younger sister is lashing out more frequent than usual. My mom thinks she's possessed. My other sister shuns my real dad and is too stubborn to forgive and forget and love like Christ. I know not everything can be fixed. But they call it a prayer because it's a cry out to God, who CAN fix things. Ask and you shall receive. I'm praying non-stop. Trust me.

    *Gosh I love this website
  • My Best Friend's Are Blind :'(

    I have two female friends and after I broke up with one of them, they started making false rumors about me and they don't believe anything I say, or appreciate anything I've tried to clean the relationship up. It's been three months now and I am tired of them believe rumors that aren't true, they think I am spreading bad words about them. They were my best friends. I am a child of God, thus they are my sisters (which is weird for a man like me to admit), I care about them a lot. And a true friend would go through hell and back for them. But I've already tried that, and they're blind. God I pray that you can get through to them and clear my friends. Hopefully one day they'll come to realize that I miss them so much.
  • Job interview

    I ask for the strength of the Holy Spirit during a big job interview on Monday August 20 at 9:00 am. Thank you
  • Protection

    For protection - my husband struggles w my extreme sickness from environmental issues. Could you please pray that if he decides to stay elsewhere for a night or several (he threatened to leave) that he will be understanding and not mock me with reality that some or none of the clothes he packed up (which was a bunch) will be able to come back into our home if he decides to come home. And for the words for me to gently and kindly remind him of this some time this afternoon.
  • Husband

    Husband constantly threatens divorce over years and if I hurt him he hurts me 70x as much in return and is horrible to me. Recently said he is just trying to find courage and strength to actually go forward with leaving me. He is so kind and caring yet things inside him bubble and erupt like a volcano when pricked w a pin and he treats me horribly and tels me very mean things. He threatened divorce again last night, picked his bags and left. I have a serious illness that he uses mostly caution with not bringing anything home that will increase my sickness butwhen he gets angry he doesn’t care and hates on me and does not use caution and completely disregards my health and just wants me to be done and out of his way. He thinks I am the only reason and source of his troubles and if he got rid of me his life would be happy and perfect.
  • Need prayer for a broken relationship/feel lost

    Hello, I prayed for my friend the other day, I just wanted some prayer. My heart is still hurting and I am gaining weight, ...I do deal with depression, and a B12 vitamin issue I need healed of...I am still sad that a girl I was trying to be romantically involved with isn't interested in me because I hesitated about her church, I get scared of charismatic churches because of past experiences. I don't know if I am being too judgemental, I know the other person has free will, but I pray Jesus can show them my reasons. I pray this isn't over.

    Pray that the coldness and hurtful attitude of this person, who has been so important in my life, will no longer hurt my heart. Pray that I will let go with eagerness and not dread. Give me courage to still pray for this person, but I can't bear being shunned out of someone's life for no reason at all. There is nothing romantic in the relationship, but there was a great deal of trust and respect. I thank God my heart is healing, but I still have my moments. Pray for my heart and head to be guarded, and that for me to find joy and enjoyment again.
  • My husband

    My husband Thomas is a Type 1 diabetic. He is in kidney failure and has to go on dialysis until he is active on the transplant list. We just found out that before he can be active, we have to come up with $6,600.00 to pay the hospital I have no idea how we are going to do this. We both work full time and are raising kids. We greatly appreciate your prayers. Thank you!
  • Need prayer for a friend named Jim

    My neighbor Jim, fell and broke a rib which punctured his lung, he is the local hospital ICU and this has somehow even affected his eyes, I pray God helps him recover and if this is a wake up call that God helps him in every area of his life.
  • Requesting Prayer

    I have stage 3 Cancer of the Throat and a Tumor behind my nose. I am fighting dry mouth ,, sore throat ,, nausea which is not helping me to eat or drink. The foods and drinks have no flavor to them and every time I go to eat or drink I want to throw up. I am loosing weight and they want to put a tube in my belly. Help Lord ,,,Help Take This Nausea away and Help Me Thru The Cancer Lord.

    Thank You For Your Prayers
    Guy Wilks