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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • my mother in law

    I ask for your prayers for my mother in law she's fighting to stay with us I ask each and everyone who reads this pray for her recovery and that good news comes our way god bless you all and thanks.
  • Gods Will and Clarity

    My husband and I met on Christian Mingle and have been married for just over 3 yrs now. He lives in Virginia and I live in Idaho. We see each other every 3 or 4 months for a week or so. He has tried to find work here but to no avail. I was offered a job near where he lives. He can retire in 5 months and we both want to be in Idaho. I own a home here and have children. I have only 48 hours to decline or accept the offer. I have prayed for clarity and we have prayed for Gods will. Please pray for us during this decision. Thank you and God bless you.
  • financial

    My wife and I are having ongoing financial problems.. We been struggling for a while now.. We need to come up with money by the end of September.. Or we will lose something we have borrowed against.. Wont go into details.. But I am starting to lose faith.. Really kind of need a miracle.. I thank everyone who prays in advance.. God bless you..
  • please pray for my god-father update #2

    Riley's wife, Shawna, is on her way to Seattle right now to pick him up from the airport! 5 missionaries went down to Burkina Faso, and 2 out of the 5 are flying home right now. Please pray for safe travels and the other 3 to come home soon! Thank you again for your prayers! :)
  • Healing and comfort

    Please pray for me. I have fibromyalgia and it makes parts of my body twitch. Pray that God will heal me and if not, that He will give me the strength to be joyful in the midst of each day. Thank you!
  • See you at the pole

    In 2 days on September 23rd students around the world will gather 30 minutes before classes to pray. Please pray for our students. Pray that God will raise up people in the community. Some of them will be the only ones at the pole and stand alone. Pray that God will give them courage. Please pray that God will keep them safe.
  • Running Start (daughter)

    Please pray for safety for my daughter. She is 16 and decided to go to Running Start at the college to safe money for college in the future. She is driving herself to college and it is on highway miles. I need God to drive with her and keep her safe. I do know GOD is Grace and OUR protector.

    Please pray for all of our kids with me. Thank you!
    GOD IS SO GOOD! All the time!
  • Prayers

    My daughter Kierstyn has been having health issues, she has elevated Liver enzymes and goes to the DR today for PCOS (weighs over 300 pounds now) hoping she will get the treatment for the PCOS that is needed and then they can figure out why her liver enzymes are high. Continued prayers for both of my Children Kierstyn and CJ that someone will come into their lives to help the mustard seed grow that I planted, I pray that they will be the light that is needed to help it grow, so that they will come to follow the light and to know and love Jesus. They will not listen to me anymore, they are in a spiritual war, just as the world is. Satan will not win this war, he has already lost.
  • My cousin

    My Cousin Terry was in a Motor cycle accident 09/12 and is in a COMA at Sacred Heart Hospital. He needs prayer, I am pretty sure he is not saved. Also, for a dear friend who had a surgery (has Cerebral palsy) several months ago and is aspirating his food and on a feeding tube, please pray that he will be able to eat real food soon. His name is Richard.
  • My friend needs healing & Drs. need insight.

    Please pray for Cynthia and for Drs. trying to save her life. Please pray for answers as to how to help her and pray for the Drs' healing hands. She is my boyfriend's sister and my long time friend. Please help.