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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Nephew

    Hi. I'm writing in concerned about my nephew. He's been through a lot in his 19 yrs of life. He lost his father when he was 2 and grandfather and his beloved grandma in the past few years. Hes battled depression and anxiety for several years and refuses to go to counseling. He will be graduating culinary school next week, he should be happy but he's not. We are a very close family and try to help and talk to him about things but he gets angry. I worry about him all the time!! He should be enjoying life, hes young and should be happy. Please keep him in your prayers. thanks
  • trial

    Hello... I'm writing you to ask for prayer please...This ways very heavy on my heart. About 4 years ago my daughter was murdered. It has a trial coming up however the defense attorney is trying to get the whole case thrown out. She is trying to suppress the truth and asasinate my daughters character and our family.It doesn't matter if you are poor or rich or what ever it doesn't give anyone a right to take a life.This man admitted it to me and 3 other people and she is trying to even eliminate the grand jury endictment saying that they are biased. Now how can they be biased when they are going off of evidence. I don't know these people.I have looked up scripture about court cases but i really could use some prayer. This is just pure evil. If we as society are expected to tell the truth and nothing but then why is this defense attorney not held to the same standard....Thank you Cindy
  • Mother's housing options

    My elderly mother lives in CA and needs to leave her apt the end of July. My sister (36) has bipolar issues and caused problems with management while she visited her, but denies it to me. Mother wants to stay in CA, has two apartments she is interested in. Please pray one will be available.
  • cancer victim

    My sister works with a lady who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in Feb. She has never smoked. I don't know her personally, so don't know if she is a believer or if she even has anyone praying for her. It hurts my heart to think that she is so ill and may not have anyone lifting her up to Jesus. Please pray for her healing, but if healing is not in the Lord's will, please pray for peace, and physical comfort. Her name is Peggy. Thank you.
  • God's presence

    I started a new job. I need God's presence in this area and in every area of my life.
  • work

    I put in an application for a job I been trying to get for a while.. Please pray that I get the job.. And that I wont be nervous doing the interview.. I really need the job.. I had to pawn my t.v. today.. So I need the money bad.. Thank you
  • Trauma

    Please uplift my family as we live through a traumatic situation in our lives. In particular, please pray for our son.
  • Adult son's job situation

    Please pray Josh senses the Lord encouraging him at work. He designs logis at work and the chemicals, work environment is draining for him . Pls pray Josh will no longer get sick from the environment and will see the wisdom in waiting until he gets a better job before he quits. He needs benefits and is interested in postal work so he ca focus on art when he's off
  • healing

    Please pray for my sister Linda. She has pain she is living with on a daily basis. In her neck, back,shoulders, and arms. There is not a lot they can do for her. She needs a miracle. Thank you
  • finances

    I went to the bank today to borrow a hundred dollars, cause I have no food, and I have a bill that needs paid. They wouldn't even loan me a hundred dollars.