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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Direction For Son/Medical Miracle

    Thank you for your continued prayers for our son to have God's direction. We are currently having an at home EEG done, please pray for God's blessing and healing to reveal itself in my son's body with a normal result. Many thanks. We will know soon.
  • Veterans Administration

    My husband has been working with the Veterans Administration toward disability benefits based on vocal chord cancer caused by agent orange. They (VA) keep requesting the same information from the same doctors and prolonging the process. We need this to go through for many reasons. Please pray for a speedy and positive resolve.
  • Family

    Through a set of horrible circumstances I can only describe as satanic, this Tuesday the court system in Spokane is hearing a case where our family would be ripped apart. We are devastated and need lots of prayers.
  • finances

    Please pray that God will provide me both with a job and the finances to pay my rent next month. Thank you and God Bless.
  • Health Issues

    Pray my father's dementia does not worsen and would even improve. Also, pray he handles stress well, has normal blood pressure and has no side effects from medication.
  • Anxiety

    I have been dealing with anxiety as of late, my past and thoughts of sexual impurity have clouded my mind and makes it hard for me to sleep, eat, and communicate properly. I want to be free of this feeling in my heart I believe in Jesus Christ but I know I need to seek more help and prayer. Please send me your prayers and help me overcome this burden.
  • I need prayer about a relationship

    I need prayer about a girl God has put in my life and although we are not technically dating we are growing close and I just pray that if it is God's will that he helps me with this issue, I sometimes get overwhelmed in relationships and do things to sabotage relationships, I have an attachment disorder and I feel it is hard for me to be loved and accepted, I pray God helps me with this and I also just pray that God helps me to be mentally strong in life and that I do all the responsible things I need to do for my financial situation as well do well academically in school and that I trust God in the areas I have no control over.
  • Prayer for husband and this Memorial Day weekend

    Kath called and asked for prayers for her peace during this weekend. She has had many close family who have passed and she is thinking about them. Also, her husband began drinking a couple years ago and has left her. She asked for prayers that things would work out between them.
  • Lost husband

    I just lost my husband on March 31st. We had beautiful 13 years together... I feel like my life is over but I am 51 years old. Will God have a future for me?
  • anxiety

    I am dealing with a lot of anxiety again.. I am starting to become dependent on meds.. Which is not where I want to be.. Please pray God would make my soul and spirit right.. Thank you