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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Addiction

    I have been in recovery sense January. Finding it harder and harder not to give into alcohol. I would love your support in prayer not to go back to my old ways. I don't want to steal my life back from Jesus.
  • MS

    Please pray for my brother in law, Who is suffering from aggressive ms it makes my heart hurt for him and my sister who is taking great care of him!!
    Please Lord give him relief with the new medicine he needs!!!
  • Marriage

    Restoration for a marriage where trust has been broken and brokenness and healing
  • Job

    Please pray for my sister to be able to get a job. She meets with a temp agency this morning. She has three kids to support.
  • Sad

    I m so beat up by life that I feel like staying in my house and never leaving. So sad!
  • Family

    We need healing in our family. It makes me feel sad when we don't get along. I love my family very much!
    Thank you
  • Fear about work

    Please pray for me as I have severe, dibilitating anxiety. It is 10 times worse on the days I have to go to work, I am getting ready for work right now. I am also praying for God to give me a purpose in my life as I feel totally useless. I am also lonely for my mom as she lives in another state. Thank you.
  • Prayer for job opportunities

    Please pray that's job opportunity presents itself to me in witch I am able to utilize the gifts God has given me so I can glorify Him. The evil work environment I am in now is draining me.
  • Asking For Help With Prayer

    First, Driving down to Kelso,Wa Thursday the 6/30/16 and asking for safe travel and that the car stays in one piece down there and back.

    Second, Been asking God to open doors if it is ment for me and my son to move down with my daughters and grand children. I love them with all my heart and hopeing some jobs will come and housing and anything else that is needed for us to move down there. Please Help Us Pray.

    Thank You For Your Prayers,,
    Guy and my son Brandon
  • Everyone

    I was feeling bad and depressed for myself and the situation is am in. After reading others request please help me in praying for them, I am not facing homelessness, I have a great job even if it isn't going great at this time, my family is healthy to an extent but the Dr's are working on it. Maybe the lord put me here to tell me to wake up and my situation is great to others. So please help me in thanking God for everything I thought I did not have and praying to help others who doespecially not have.