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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Me too!

    I feel a lot like hope/healing's prayer request. I prayed for you!
  • marriage

    I have been in an emotionally abusive marriage for 9 years and bitterness is setting into my heart. Please pray that God grants me patience and removes the bitterness and God enters my husband's life and heals his heart.
  • PTSD and trauma

    The current stressful situation is really flaring up my PTSD. Please pray that God will provide for my needs so I can get back to healing myself. I have always been stuck. Also, pray that God will do a miracle for me when I receive an important phone call. I have a horrendous migraine today. Thank you.
  • Too much pressure

    Please pray for my and an anxiety I am having in daily life. I am tired of being so anxious ..... I want peace in my heart.
  • Pressure from every side

    Elderly Father forgetting more and believes he is being robbed. Family in pain. Grandson left home again at age 15.Is affecting younger brother and sister too. Thank YOU for praying. I know God is Faithful...
  • hope/healing

    I have lost hope, i've given up and am just waiting for the lord to take me. Until that day arrives, please pray that I can do my job well, maintain a happy front so that I can be a witness and no one will know the hurt inside and that I can cope with the way I look and move past the hurt others have caused. Thank you in advance for your prayers and may God richly bless you.
  • Please pray for me and my brother

    I have something that I am worried about, I don't feel like I can talk about it. Also please pray for my brother (JJ) he is only working 3 days a week, when he has the opportunity to work 5, if it is God's will, give JJ the strength to work a full week.
  • mental health

    Please pray for the emotional well being of Brittain and her husband. He is a police officer on the swat team in Ohio. He has ptsd and depression. Right now he has left his wife. She is having lots of anxiety and panic attacks because of it. Please pray for their emotional and spiritual well being. Thank you. And please pray that God would save their marriage.
  • financial

    please pray for me to find a job. I have been trying for a few months now.
  • Labor/Delivery

    Hi, I am due with a baby boy Feb 15 I ask that you guys help me pray for a fast/smooth, and as pain free delivery as possible. This is my first baby and last night I experienced my first contractions, they are super painful, and I'm only 2 cm dialated, I know God can help me through the process to at least make things as comfy and easy as possible. In the name of Jesus I declare a healthy baby boy, and healthy delivery, thank you all for your prayers