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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing

    I want to be completely healed from GOUT. This year I have had a constant struggle with this disease. I use my hands a lot & do a lot of walking here at work. This constant battle with GOUT is affecting my job as well as life at home. I know and believe that JESUS is my HEALER and that satan continues to use my health issues to draw me away from GOD.
  • out of work...again

    This is the third time in three years that my husband has shown up for work just to find out his position is being eliminated that day. He is in his fifties and is a hard worker. They hire him to fix a problem then let him go. We know God is in control yet he is so discouraged. My heart aches for him as he just wants to provide for us. Please pray for wisdom with our finances, open to God's leading and for him to not start doubting his worth and value. Thank you
  • dependence on alcohol

    My husband lost his job over a year ago and has grown dependent on alcohol to cope. Please pray for covering over our two kids and myself and for God to draw my husband to him and speak to him, guide him and bring him back to him.
  • employement needed

    I have been applying for jobs I am qualified for. Please pray I find a job as soon as possible. I need to money to take care of myself and my six children. I am a single mom. My finances have recently changed. Please specifically pray I find a job that is family friendly that will pay all of our bills and secure our future. thank you.
  • need your prayer right now

    Please pray for our mother and our family members. She is waiting results on a biopsy to see if she has lung cancer. She is growing in faith toward the Lord, and we believe our family members are too.

    Of course, we’re asking God to give results to show no cancer, but if not, that God will reveal Himself to them through this to bring them to faith in Christ and an abundant life. We ask that she will have wisdom for treatment, grace to endure, and victory over cancer so that she can see the birth of our kids and we can know her and others in our family as part of Gods family.
  • Unsure, confused, scared... DESPERATE!!! HELP!

    I have some mountainous decisions to make and I am not sure what I need to do. I know God is NOT the author of confusion----please help me in prayer brothers and sisters... I am 26 years old. Pray for God's will to be done, for my decisions to be led by the Holy Spirit, for the Highest Calling, no compromises, just straight up following the calling that Jesus has on my life... Please and thank you brothers and sisters... I really need prayers and full on faith, in small choices and big choices... I'm desperate... Thank you.
  • the lies from the enemy

    Please pray for me, that I do not believe the lies the enemy keeps telling me, and my time desperation and feeling abandoned..... I am who I am in Christ because God has brought me here to this place and no one can take that away from me, he loves me and has a plan for me.....please stand in agreement with me, I need your prayers and my children need your prayers, thank you and may many blessings be poured on to you!
  • financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God give me all of His Strength, Wisdom, Knowledge, understanding, Power, and insight, to put my Faith and Action to work together in my life with Him, Jesus My Savior
  • So many things

    I feel like I am in a nightmare. I pray to God but I don't hear him. My life is going nowhere and I feel like crying. The one person I thought was there for me has been really hurting my feelings the past few years.
  • Fallen away

    My son's father was raised a Christian. His name is Jesse. A few years ago he fell away and has been suffering with a drug addiction ever since. He was recently released from prison and made the decision to go to treatment. There is a story in Matthew, (forgive me because I cannot remember where) it talks about Jesus casting a demon out of a man. The demon wanders around the desert looking for something else to fill but cannot find anything. He finds more demons and returns to the man, stronger than before. Jesse relates to this story. The demon(drug addiction) has been cast out, but if he does not fill that empty void with Jesus then that demon is only going to return with a force much stronger than before. Please pray that Jesse will open his heart and allow Jesus to fill that void. My son needs a god fearing father, and Jesse needs to be saved. Thank you.