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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • My husband

    I need a touch from the Lord. My husband says he wants to drink. So please pray that he won't drink. He's mean when he drinks. He hasn't drank for a long time though.
    Thank you!
  • Praying for water

    We have been hauling our own water in for the past 8 years. When we bought the house we were told we had a working well but that was not true and the sellers fled. So we were stuck with no well and later that year to find out we had no drain field either. We have since put a drain field in but we are presently saving $$ for a new well. We had a company come out who dug 3 holes and claims he didn't find anything. There went $$. Praying someday we will own a real working well. Thank God we are able to put water into the cistern that keeps us living like we had water. Thank you for praying.
  • (no subject)

    Im going threw a hard time in my life im a single mom with two beautiful kids i dont have a car and im looking for a appartment i ask everyone who reads this prays for me and my kids and pray that everything works out fine to help me stay strong for my kids and that everything we need we will get i trust god i know he will never leave me.
    Thank you all and god bless you all.
  • bad news

    There seems to be no end to bad news. I can't take the bad news anymore. I am scared to even get the mail or answer the phone. I can't find comfort and I can't sleep. I am in tears over this. Please pray for me.
  • If I should do vocational rehabilitation or try to work

    Hello, I have been given a possibility of vocation rehabilitation if everything checks out with my psychiatrist,counselor/and volunteer employer. I am wondering if it is God's will if I should do vocational rehabilitation as I might have to go to school out of the area and I am not sure if I am ready for that, to live away from family/friends. I pray God shows me what to do and that I listen. If it is God's will for me to try to work, that he show's me what to do. Thank You for prayers
  • Please pray for Todd and David

    I would like prayer for my friends Todd and David. Todd has been a friend for just a short while but I have known about him for about 10 months and have been praying for him the last 6 months, he is confused and angry about a lot of things and has been hurt a lot in his life. The devil is putting doubts in his mind if God even exists and he is dabbling in yoga, mindfulness/Buddhism and has this feeling that he should leave this town where all his support is, I am scared for him and pray he stays in the area. I would like prayer for david as he is a former gangster and is trying to get his life turned around, he has a good heart in a lot of ways and needs God's love, protection and blessings.
  • Need a job very badly

    I have been looking for work since Feb. I briefly had a position that was not a good fit, that job came and went. I have been searching daily and getting no responses. Every way I turn I get dead ends. Help, please time is running out. I can't pay my bills, don't know how I'm going to pay my house payment. I don't know what to do. Thanks.
  • peace

    Please pray for my daughter and her x-husband to come to a peaceful agreement regarding their children.
    Thank you.
    Praise God all the time!
  • mind and heart

    Have been struggling with PTSD and severe depression for over a year now. Have been confused and numb of who God is even though I daily spend time with him. Need deliverance.
  • Neighbor brain surgery

    In 25 minutes my neighbor Jerry who just got though cancer in his lung and brain is going in for brain surgery to remove a small spot that didn't go away all the way. Please pray for a safe and healthy recovery.