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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • So Confused

    I don't like to keep asking for prayer when I know there are other people who need prayer.
    My health is so messed up. My back is bad and going into the surgeon for that Monday. My hearing is bad
    my feet are swelling up and I keep getting told I need to loose wait. There has to be a answer to this. I
    know for me my body is getting older and falling apart. Shoots the heck out of my self esteem. I need a
    job and I can't work ,,, I need someone to share my life with and have no confidence in myself.
    I just keep praying for answers.

    Thank You All For Your Prayers ,,,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Need prayer for relationships and college work

    I would like to have prayer for a lady that helped raise me, she was not officially my mom/step mom but is very dear/near to my heart, she has a lot of pain over her daughter dying and one of her grandsons who is a friend of mine got into a lot of drugs trying to cope about his mother dying, the same ladies daughter. They both don't have a relationship with God or go to a good church and they are just drowning in their pain I believe. Please,please pray for Bonnie and James. I would also like prayer for my sister who is coming into this area/North west/ from Ohio, she is from the area and has a lot of hard feelings from her past and relationship with our mom, I would like prayer for restoration, Lastly, I would love to have prayer about my college classes as one is a really hard class and I am struggling a little bit, I pray God helps me gives me the wisdom to finish strong.
  • healing

    Prayers for Sarah are needed as she has lupus and has been unable to work for 2 months. She is in much pain and
    the doctors haven't found a medicine to help yet. She is a young Mother. Thank you.
  • healing

    Please pray for my 2 y/o grandson Lincoln as he has been sick with a virus with high fevers for 5 days.

    Also please pray for Brandon our close family friend who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of thyroid cancer. He will be having surgery Wednesday followed by radiation. He is 39 and has a wife and 3 girls.

    Thank you so very much!

    God bless each of you.
  • My husband

    My husband is in a bad mood and it stresses me out.
    Thank you
  • Healing

    Please pray for my Dad Gary. On Wednesday he suffered a stroke as a result of a blood clot from his heart that traveled to his brain. There is still a large clot in his heart and his heart is not functioning well. He is undergoing tests tomorrow to see what can be done, without causing another stroke or bleeding in the brain.
    Thanks for keeping him in your petitions to God.
  • financial problems of pet charity

    please pray for pet charity to get enough donations to pay very big veterinary and electricity bills. Urgently, or many pets will not get healing and will be back on cold street . Thank you in advance for praying
  • Court Hearing Friday Morning 2-10-17

    Please cover my sister Kay in prayer this morning as she has a court hearing for the first steps in trying to get her son Brett back from Washington DC where her ex-husband, Greg took him. She lives in Spokane, WA. It's a contempt hearing against Greg. Please pray for wisdom and favor for Kay's attorney and Kay and that God will make known to the judge Greg's lies. Brett needs to be back home under Christian influences. Please pray for Brett's and their salvation also. Brett no longer professes to be a Christian since being with Greg and Greg's girlfriend.
  • May God meet the needs

    This prayer request is for a friend, Mallory, whom has been struggling with finances & keeping a home for herself & her 5 children. Help me stand in agreement that God will meet their needs. I know firsthand as a single mother of 3, what it's like being in this situation. I also request prayer for her relationship with the Lord be renewed, she has strayed away but I believe and stand in Faith that God will draw her in & that she may find a church she can be grounded in. God bless you all!
  • Friend battling addiction

    Recently I had been reached via-Facebook about a friend battling addiction. Her will to overcome this is strong but not strong enough on her own. Help me pray that the Lord restore Lisa's life & her loved ones. I believe that God is greater than a 10 year addiction.