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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Constant Divorce Threats

    My husband threatens to divorce me almost weekly. He abandons, takes away money to pay bills and leaves our family stranded. Every time he gets mad he does this - he does not know how to communicate, speak or know his truth, compromise and handle mature discussions. Only his way that changes constantly because he doesn't even know himself. I get so depressed, sad and alone - I love my husband so so much but it harms me and our family so much emotionally and in turn physically.
  • Health, Home & Husband

    Got really sick from mold levels in home and had to abandon everything like a fire. On 4th home in 4 months and still sick - husband tried repairing leaks in this brand new construction we are in now. Breast lump found and being imaged Tues. Brain constantly on fire, memory/coping/anxiety/brain all impaired and not functioning from illness. Husband threw ring at me in front of my daughter last night and flew back to old home (3rd time this month). This world and this extreme illness keeps tearing at him that this is too hard and grass is greener single and/or without me. Prayers please my friends for a safe home, marriage, me, daughter, husband, health, finances, sanity and Godly friends for all of us to surround us and not feel so alone.
  • My daughter's friend

    My daughter's friend just lost her dad. She is not doing very well. Her heart is hurting. She is not saved. Her mom wants nothing to do with her. She is hurting.
    Thank you for your prayers!
  • Nothing to look forward to

    I feel like there is nothing to look forward to in my life, my future anymore. I feel like the best is not yet to come in my life. That there are no blessings around the corner for me.
  • Dark Tunnel

    I feel like I am trapped in a deep dark tunnel and I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. That is how my wait feels like. I have been waiting a long time for a husband. I feel like my wait will never end.
  • Job

    I really want a the job that I applied for. The hours and pay are perfect. I'm feeling discouraged, scared, anxiety on 12. I messed up God. Praying you forgive me and bless me with new opportunities. In Jesus name Amen!
  • My husband and our car

    Our car broke down and my husband is in a bad mood. We are very short on money.
    Thank you for your prayers!
  • Tough time

    We are going through a tough time. Due to health issues, my mom is in need of moving to an assisted living facility. It is a beautiful place and great staff. We will have to sell the only home we have ever known and she is leaving a home she has been in for 61 years! So many memories. Please pray for us to get through this difficult transition time. Thank you.
  • Work continued

    I really need a new job.. I work in a restaurant.. There are 60 tables.. And we are always quite busy.. I also do some food prep.. Things are going on like, day shift will sit more turkeys then are needed.. So they don't have to do any.. And it is really screwing me over.. People are throwing boxes in my work area.. Cause they are too lazy to break them down.. I try to help everybody, and they just take advantage of it.. The cooks get really busy, and they expect me to help them.. But they never help me.. They just shoot the breeze when they are caught up.. I could go on all night.. I am sorry, Please pray I could escape this place.. My back is sore.. My feet are tired.. And I am not happy.. I also have social anxiety disorder.. And going to this place every day is like hell.. Thank you
  • work

    I had a meeting with Voc Rehab, and they said they would be in touch with me, and I still have not heard from them.. I really hate my job.. I don't know how I can go to that place anymore.. It is a toxic work environment.. Nobody helps anybody.. All they care about is what works best for them.. I tried to be nice, and do things right.. I am just tired and discouraged now.. I have talked to the boss.. Nothing ever changes.. I am to the point I just want to quit.. I think voc rehab has decided they wont help me cause I already have a job.. But I hate this job.. I can't take it..