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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Where do I go from here.....

    What is the Lord calling me to do, I have been faithful in my prayers, in my tithing, the Lord says to sow your seed, I have done that too, even in my own financial hardship! I have a personal relationship with my lord, and I love him with all my heart.... Please pray for some resolutions to come to me in my time of trials, there are too many to list, but the Lord knows them all because he has me going through them.I am broken, weak, and on my knees in front of the Lord, as I lift my empty hands to him. Come Holy Spirit fill me, Lord Jesus love me, keep me from harm and pour your blessings upon me indeed. I may not know God's plans but I am wholeheartedly believing for them. I'm putting my trust in him, may the Lord take my hand every morning, my I be his light shining through me, may I be a blessing to all I meet, thank you for your prayers and many blessings to you, Laura
  • friend

    I am asking God to heal my friend he has work himself ragged supporting the family for so long and now it has taken a toll on him , but he stills works just as hard , and he has a good heart and he believes in God he just needs a healing and for his ex to leave him alone once and for all and let him move on with the next chapter of his life.
  • My good friend

    I have this friend who was with a woman for 21 years , and very bad for him but because of the kids he stayed with her, so finally in 2013 she decided to leave him for another man that she met , and she left him and took his kids, they have three one is 19 and on her own the other two are boys 14, and 13 , and she is still being so cruel to him and trying to keep the boys from him and his heart breaks everyday , and she is always , trying to disrupt his life anyway she can even though she is married after a year and expecting the other mans child in the 2015 , and the boys hate being there with her, she took them from all their friends and family and most of all their dad, now lawyers are to expensive , and this woman knows how to lie her way out of anything, and I am asking for prayer that God will intervene and bring this man closer to God .

  • my daughter

    My daughter is 21 and she was diagnosed with ulcer colitis and was treated by dr for a year to discovered after , almost loosing so much blood and hospitalized that she has crone's disease on top of that now, she is married to a man who has mental issues and needs God desperately, and so does she , now she believes in God , and she was raised with values , but her health is getting worse Dr 's keep trying new meds she also left her husband and she is living with her 18 month old daughter and only gets minimal assistance from the state, she wants a job but with her health issues its really hard so I am asking for a healing prayer for my daughter Amber, thank you.
  • husband, marriage

    My husband of 4 years says he is numb toward me/our marriage and he has turned away from God. He is prone to rages & anger (breaking material things, threatening, throwing, kicking, making holes in walls, etc.). He has threatened divorce if I continue worshipping God or use spiritual language (giving credit to God, mentioning prayer, etc.). He has not been to church for months. He is not a good role model to my teenage step-children (his biological kids). He is also financially irresponsible and financially self-destructive. I am praying for his deliverance, change of heart, radical transformation, & God to intervene. I am pray I might better display God's love, peace, & joy in all circumstances. That I would not be tempted to respond in the flesh. I pray for steadfast faith, consistency of character, wisdom, & strength.
  • Financial strugle

    please help me pray for the financial struggle in our family, thank you all! God Bless
  • School

    Please pray as I go through exams and studying that I retain the important information to pass my exams. This is my last semester of Nursing school and I need strength, prayer, and wisdom to help get me through it. Also pray that I restore faith in myself.
  • Tired

    I have so many problems and need so many miracles. I am feeling lost. I keep praying. Thanks for the prayers.
  • Opening doors

    Please pray that our Lord Jesus continues opening doors for my small craft business, that the financial need will be met for creating a website, for advertising, business cards and for supply for my creations come my way.....may my business Facebook page be over whelmed with customers and may he continually bless me with the eyes for creating....many blessings to you......
  • depression/sucide

    my mother has a friend whose daughter is feeling low, down, and depressed, she has starting cutting herself and she has talked about suicide, i would really appreciate it if you guys could pray for her, shes lonely adn really needs the love of God right now.