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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • work

    I am still waiting on voc rehab to get in touch with me.. They are still involved in the paperwork.. For so many reasons I need this.. I need a new job, not one that I will hate.. And one that pays more.. I have a lot of anxiety at times.. I don't know if you have ever experienced that.. But it is painful.. Need a financial blessing.. To pay off debt, get my teeth fixed, and I need a new car.. I am not happy just barely getting by.. It has been too long this way.. Thanks and blessings to all..
  • Urgent

    Asking prayers for my loved one. Please lift D's name to God. He needs conviction for a hard heart and for the Lord to touch him and turn him from evil. God help him please. I ask this prayer in Jesus name, Amen.
  • Restoration by thanksgiving

    Urgent needs & unspoken requests. I can’t stand not being on speaking terms with someone I care about. :( Breaking my heart. Lord I pray for full restoration before thanksgiving.. He was talking marriage and future and then got overwhelmed when he lost his job... now he has shut me out. We are both saved and in middle 30s and never married with no children but the desire to have a family... Need strength and Favor in other matters also. Hope today. Signs God is working on this.
  • Back Pain

    Please pray my back does not give out. I am over 7 months pregnant and worried if my back goes out it will harm the baby. There is nothing the Dr can do at this point. I just need healing through God. Please pray my back does not give out on me.
  • Health and Guidance

    I have been feeling sick lately. I'm the sole bread-winner of my house so I can't afford to be sick. please pray for God's intervention.
  • My prayer

    Dear Lord, I am not a very strong man at times. I do get emotional and weak and seek people's opinion of me. Instead help me to have a strong, character, a good work ethic and to stand up for myself and for others that need defending, In Jesus' Name, I pray and believe. Amen
  • Prayer for Healing

    We need prayers for our good friend Ron Underhill. He is currently in the Philippines on a missions trip with his wife and suffered a major heart attack. He is in intensive care and we need all the prayers we can get as they continue more surgeries on him in the next few days. Please help us pray for Ron.

    Thank you for your support.
  • Finances

    After a failed business and business loans we are unable to pay back we have lost our entire life savings. I feel pretty desperate and unsure how to make things right and provide for my kids. I'm asking for prayers and strength to trust in God that he has a plan for me and my family. Praying for resolution and direction .

    Thank you all prayers are truly appreciated
  • Healing

    I need an expensive surgery and my insurance won't cover it. It is intense but I am in so much pain I just want to get it to fix the problem no matter how long the recovery. It is very expensive. I am praying that God will provide the money for the surgery, find a surgeon who will have empathy for me or God Himself will go in and heal me. The pain has intensified and I feel like I am starting to lose it from the physical pain.
  • Health and money

    I know that God does provide and he helps out his children. But I am very discouraged I am behind in my rent I do have at least half of it but I don't know where I am going to get the rest. If anyone has ideas let me know.. Also I have been going through testing at the Dr's and most of them are back but still waiting on the specialist to make a recommendation about having a biopsy done. The infectious disease doctor says it is one of two things but to rule out cancer a biopsy needs to be done. So with all that going on I don't know how long I'll be able to pay my bills.. So prayer is needed for my health and that I'll get the money to at least pay my rent.. Thank-you and God bless..