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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Husband and finances

    My husband thinks everything is hopeless. We have medical bills going into collections. I'm working two jobs and my husband is on disability. I want to try to have a nice weekend.
    Thank you for your prayers They mean a lot!
  • Relief of pain

    Please pray for relief in of pain in my neck, shoulder and elbow and to guide the Dr. to find cause and a way to heal me.
  • mental health

    Please pray that God would renew a right spirit, mind, heart, soul in me.. That I would not struggle with social anxiety disorder.. That I might serve God will all my heart, soul, and being.. That I would not have to take drugs for mental illness.. That the devil would keep his sticky paws off of me.. Thank you.. And Gods blessing to all
  • keep faith,

    I am asking for prayer please just to help my husband and I to just keep our faith in the lord and know he has a plan for us we are struggling with all our bills kids birthdays coming up, and I know the lord will always supply I am also seeking employment please pray I find one soon thank you al, GOD BLESS l
  • financial hardship

    Money is super tight right now and we just had another hospital bill come in. So many things seem to be piling up on us , it feels overwhelming trying to keep up with everything. Please pray for some help.
  • Cancer Treatment

    I know a woman named Athena going through cancer treatment and I just want to pray that she receives healing.
  • financial

    My financial situation is very tight but getting by. My former spouse is asking for more money monthly from me. I want to respond the the Holy Spirit would have it. To just give it or stand what i believe is fair ground.
  • Liesha

    This is an addendum to yesterday's request: Liesha received no help at the hospital. With doctors unable to help she needs a miracle from God for healing. She is unable to sleep and needs physical, psychological, emotional healing. Thank you for your prayers.
  • Finances

    I would like to know that my financial burden has been erased. I have been praying that the other person on the title of the vehicle releases their interest. And that I hear that the loan is paid off. Thank you in advance for your prayers and God bless you.
  • at my limit

    Overwelmed at my breaking point my grandpa has Heart failure, heart blockage,kidney failure, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. He is 91 and knows the lord. He takes lots of my time. My landlords gave me 60 days to leave because they want their kids to move in. I am going to school and working. Please pray