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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Please pray ffor my son edgarPlease pray for my son Edgar

    Please pray for my son edgar, he was sober for three months, and two days ago he relaosed, he texted me yesterday and said he us going back to treatment, please pray fir him to surrender himself to God.
  • Answered prayers! Thank you God!

    I was really stressing about a new car.
    I asked you all to pray and now everything is going fine!!
    God bless you all !!

  • My friend's marriage

    My friend is feeling overwhelmed and just wants to quit and give up. She has spoken of divorce. There are no biblical grounds for divorce. (In other words he hasn't cheated on her). He is harsh bringing up her past when she was backslidden before he even knew her. He leaves and doesn't communicate with her when he's gone. Please pray against bitterness, unforgiveness hopelessness. Please pray that Satan does not win this battle
  • Anxiety issues

    Please pray for me. I developed high an anxiety at 41 and I am lost. It is all due to my domestic violence that happened a couple of years ago. I need GOD To step and save me. I am dying.... God help me.
  • Daughter's situation

    Pls pray daughter has pleasant interaction with her son's Dad today & he keeps his word. They need a parent plan to have definite and specific visitation arrangements.
  • Marriage

    I need prayer for decisions my husband & I are praying about. We are both Christians & need guidance regarding him wanting a job change & guidance with our children
  • finding a church

    I am not the perfect example of a Christian, but I remain faithful. Every time I join a church things are great for a short season, but things go sour and the congregation ends up rejecting me. I don't want to believe that I am under a curse. Is there any church that will love me and accept me for who I am. This journey is discouraging to me.
  • my dad joe

    Pray for my dad joe has a drug problem and he's homeless pray that he gets a home and Takes His medication and stops drinking and get in fights and pray he gets treatment in Jesus name amen.
  • My son edgar

    Please pray for my son edgar, he was sober for three months, and two days ago he relaosed, i havent hear from him since yesterday. Please pray fir his soul, and to keep him safe and gets up again.
  • Mom suffered stroke

    My mom suffered stroke 4 years ago she still can't speak or move her right side due to the stroke I'm getting close to god and I'm praying for my mom to get better please say a prayer for my mom so she can get better thank you.