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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • our friend Mike

    Hello - I am asking for prayers for our friend Mike. He has been diagnosed with stage 4 sm cell lung cancer. They are working on removing his adrenal gland which is the size of a volleyball.

    He began radiation on January 22nd. I am asking for the Lord to be with him through this time. Lord please give comfort, strength, and courage throughout this trial and provide healing throughout his entire body ridding Mike of ALL cancer cells.

    Thank you
  • Ridge is on life support was died for 40 min they say and they brought him back to life. They say he had bleeding on the brain he overdosed they say

    Please pray for my friend Brandon Ray he is on life support his gf found him died and the paramedics bright him back to life. They are saying he was died for 40 min. They said he overdosed and that he is in ICU on life support and had bleeding on the brain. Please pray and claim healing and life into his body/ his brain. Thank you. Through God ALL things are possible. He we know he gave us healing by his stripes and he gave us this authority to be to be used now in earth and we exercise this is thority in the name of Jesus Christ amen