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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Prayer for Israel

    Pls pray for the salvation and protection of Israel & the Christian Iraqis who's lives are in danger because of the ISIS
  • Children in early 20's

    Desire to follow The Lord with all their hearts and for Him to open doors for Christian friendships & some to be re- connected with good friends they used to be in regular contact with before moves & busyness with school & jobs changed
  • Thank you for your Prayers

    Thank you all for your prayers for me. My partial knee replacement surgery was suppose to take 2 hrs., but it only took about 45 minutes. I would appreciate your prayers that the pain level will go down quickly. It is quite hard at times, but I know that my God is able to take care of it.
    Marian Burge
  • Fraud

    I think that somebody is working a fraud against me. And I am really worried about it. I ask you to stand against it with me in the name of Jesus. And that I would make clear choices to overcome this. Thank you
  • RE: Urgent - Terminally ill (posted on 09/13) Update

    Thank you for all of your prayers. She is at peace now.
  • Desires of heart

    Please agree with me in prayer. I am in middle age and have been praying for my future husband for years now. I finally hear The Lord telling me He will fulfill His promise to me. " It is not good for man to be alone. I will create for him a helper. One that is fit for him." I couldn't be more thrilled! Please pray for my eyes to be ready to see Gods plan and my heart to be ready to be loved. Together we will serve The Lord. All glory to God!
    Thank you all for your prayers!
  • at the end of my rope

    I need a job that is family friendly with weekends off and nights to spend with my children I am a divorced single mother with five children and no family in town to help or support me. I have church friends however they all seem too busy with their lives to help me. I applied for many jobs that would be perfect for me please pray I get a job this week. I need money I used up my savings and I am out of money. please pray God sends me a loving faithful loyal best friend.
  • help and healing

    My friend Sandra's mom has cancer.. And Sandra is stuck in a position where she can't go to see her.. I would help her if I could.. But unfortunately I don't have a lot of money either.. But I believe God can help her.. That faith can change things.. Please pray that Sandra's mom would survive the cancer.. And that Sandra would get a financial blessing.. Thank you.. I appreciate it.. God bless
  • Struggling

    I've got a great job and things are slowly falling into place and I thank HIM for that! However, i am still a new Christian and my fire hasnt been burning as brightly for Him. I was going to start really delving into the old testament and really pouring over it all. Then a friend of mine who liked to disagree with me on God, passed away. He liked to talks aliens and everything inbetween but also would mention prayer and God so I know there had been possibly maybe a seed planted. Maybe its because I'm wondering if he made it to Heaven but I have blackslid myself into a place and im not sure how to get the wheel rolling to get out of this. Please pray for me to find my way back. I find the only time there is peace within, is when I feel connected to the Lord.
  • Following and Trusting the Lord

    Please continue to lift me up - that I slow down and listen to the Lord. Truly believing that he is working with me in finding the job that will allow me to help the community, as well as,, use my Masters. Pray that the screening committee calls me and offers me an interview.