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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Holy Spirit to work

    Please pray the Holy Spirit will soften family member's hearts to desire God's word and repent of sins, ask Jesus to save them
  • Healing

    Prayer wanted tonight for healing from my ongoing colds and now vomiting. Protection for husband amd grandkids from this virus and quick recovery for me!
  • Praise report

    I have had a hard life, have prayed countless hours but finally have some good news. I thought I'd share to give hope to others as I see people in the same boat as me. I had a wonderful appointment with the specialist about my mouth. I posted a prayer request here. I thought it would costs upwards of $10,000-20,000 and include bone surgery. I have a small savings and it will probably cover most of the costs and the remainder I can make payments and it shouldn't take too long. I still have some financial hurdles and will need God's help with some added bills but I will at least be able to have one procedure done to ease the pain and be able to have the rest done in about 8-10 months. He feels I can ease the other problems areas because they aren't that bad and are just irritated. Thank you to everyone who prayed over the appointment! I am praying for others here! God bless you all.