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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Neighbor Heart hurts

    Please join me in prayer for my neighbor as she is going through pain and fears. Thank you
  • Landlord chemical imbalance and need for God

    Please join me in prayer for my landlord as his depression has taken control of him. Thank you
  • Sons & daughter decisions

    Pls pray The Lord will help them in their decisions with school & important decisions they are facing right now... They are 22. 24,25.Thx so much!
  • Father and Teen Son Relationship

    Please pray for my husband and youngest son, 16. They are having a terrible time communicating. Father has been harsh and son will speak very little to him. It breaks my heart. Son has confided to me he wants to desperately graduate and when he does he will never come back. Husband is very difficult to talk to regarding son and does not apologize for ANYTHING. When I try to talk to him about this he always disagrees and then blows my cover. I cannot change either of them. I am so stressed out, it is making even my job stressful. Not sure if marriage will make it in the long run. Just praying right now and hoping someone else will, PLEASE. Thank you.
  • (no subject)

    Please pray for Rachel, a young woman in Boise who was hit by a truck while bicycling, trainig for the Ironman race in Hawaii next month. She has many injuries including: brain swelling, bruised lungs, broken back, clavacle, sternum, ribs, elbow and wrist. She is in critical condition. Please pray for healing. Thank you for your prayers!
  • Prayer for children

    Pls pray our children will be encouraged today! I pray that they will sense your Holy Spirit drawing them & loving them today & mom longer be influenced by the world and ungodly friends..especial two of them
  • Christian friends for adult children

    Pls pray The Lord re-connect our kids with past Christian friends they have lost contact with after college & moving reasons and they have desire to reach out more...also to have strong desire for church attendance & Bible reading
  • Brother in law marriage

    A year ago my brother in law was in a bad accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. He has a four year old daughter. His brother has been a major part of his life and the recovery process. ( giving up his own life to help his brother and sister in law) today we found out the wife wants a divorce. Please pray for guidance for her, let her heart see what she should do and for the brother who I know must feel stuck in between and lost.
  • Cousin has serious injury after motorcycle accident

    Please pray for my Cousin John, he was in a motorcycle accident and is currently in harbor view hospital fighting for his life. He needs healing and I pray the doctors and surgeons have wisdom to meet all of his medical needs. He needs healing for his heart, back, pelvis, broken, arm ect. Pray the blood of Jesus in and all around him and everyone involved. His wife Kris and daughter Leah and all the other family that is praying and hoping for his recovery to be fast. That the Lord God will surround them all in his peace and comfort through this difficult time. Most of all that God will give John all he needs to overcome all the injuries and continue living a full and strong life. Thanks so much prayer works!
  • Needs prayer for school

    hi everyone, i am in my last year at the university. I am sruggling with my studies, please pray for Gods strength and wisdom upon me.