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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Lost soul

    Hello.. My niece Sarah is in jail for the 3rd time.. She has been doing meth and selling it for the longest time now.. I know there is somebody in there who wants to do the right thing.. She knows the truth.. I ask you to pray with me that she will make a decision to change her life.. Give it to God.. And not just get out and go back to what she was doing, like the past times.. And that also God would surround her with Godly people that can help her.. Other then the same friends who keep getting her back into the drugs.. Thank you for standing in agreement with me on this.. God bless
  • addictions

    Will you please pray for my husband.He has addictions and is going through withdrawls.He going through a hard time right now.Thank you for your prayers!
  • Soften my daughters heart.....

    Please pray for my daughter, that the Lord meets her right where she is, that she opens her heart to the love, peace and the joy only the Lord can bring to her, pour much blessings on to her, may she reach other young girls, that she will be the Lord's light at her school, give her the strength she needs and the Lords protection as she walks with faith and shows Jesus' love to her friends, may the Lord work many miracles through my daughter, Amen!
  • sad

    I am very sad and feel my life is going nowhere and I have no purpose. Please pray for me! I have no one I can talk to and feel like God doesn't hear me.
  • Daughter strength & peace

    Please pray our daughter will feel the Lord's presence strongly. She accepted Jesus as a young girl but isn't walking with Him now...due to her fiancee' being ungodly and having a child with him. She almost moved with us when we had to relocate due to my husband's job but her fiance begged her to move in with him and his mother & brothers. We see her once/month and it breaks my heart he is wishy washy about marrying her & she is willing to put up with him cuz of their son.
  • Prayer for my Mom

    I'd like prayer for my Mom to feel safe & be content at her new house. She isn't thrilled with the location but is glad to be near my sister & her grandson & is praying for more time to get to see him. She is 72 & has hip problems. She lives in another state & might move to be near me & my husband in the future but not yet. Please pray she decides to live near us if that is better...I know she is really torn.p
  • Wisdom with decisions

    My husband & I have some decisions to make and I want Lord's peace about how we arrive at conclusions that aren't right/wrong but just preferences. I want to be reasonable and trust Lord to guide my husband. I get stressed about changes so I'm not sure if my desires are too cautious or the Lord's leading me.
  • Favor for son

    Pls pray our son will get the job at his college he is applying for. It fits perfectly with his interests & would encourage him greatly! Also for understanding with his math class..he has struggled his life with Math. thanks!
  • Let go let God

    I have a 24 year old son he believes in God. He not practicing. My husband and I sees that he is trying to get out on hes own. but when he fails we are always there to save the day and bail him out. (not out of jail) but out of a situation. This last time we let him borrow my car for 2 weeks. and he wrecked it. this time and the time before it has put us in a bad way. We have a truck but it is my husband and is very hard for me to drive. We live pay check to pay check. This time and the time I have heard God say let go and I say to God I give my son to you God. And when the next time comes We are there to bail out again it is very hard to tell him no. So my husband and I need prayer to help us Let go and let God.
  • A husband

    Please stand in agreement with me that the Lord will bless me with a godly man, a prayer warrior any man that will treat me like Jesus loved the church, I know he knows my heart's desire and I pray everyday for this man that the Lord has for me, thank you for your prayers