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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Safe flight for Mom

    Pls pray my mother will have a safe flight to our house tomorrow & can get confirmation that she should move here or stay where she's at
  • Jon for son

    Our son needs a job soon...he is a college student & will graduate with an AA in about 6 months & needs a job now during college & afterward
  • Praise report

    I just wanted to say thank you to everybody who prayed for my wife and I.. We got the loan.. And praise God for that.. My wife and I are so happy.. And we can breathe a little easier now.. I really hope everybody who comes here is blessed with what they need.. We are praying for you as well.. God bless
  • Car crash

    I got into a car crash, please pray so that God shows his mercy and doent make us pay a lot
  • Help

    Facing homelessness and I have food poisoning. I am needing many miracles.
  • Daughter

    Please pray for my daughter and her relationship with this guy she likes. I pray gods will will be done in it. She met him at our church and he seems to love Jesus, nice, respectful and encouraging to her. I'm praying for the Holy Spirit to give her truth and wisdom for her to know how to proceed with the relationship. I praying for him to be honest and let her know how she stands in the relationship.
  • financial

    I am asking you to agree with me in prayer that My Father God give me all of His, Wisdom, Strength, Insight, Understanding. Knowledge, Power and for me to apply all of the fruits of the spirit in my everyday life.. For My Father God to open up the windows of heaven and pour out on me all of His richest blessings that I may not contain them all or understand it.. For My Father God to put a woman in my life and bless us completely and thoroughly.. Thank You Very Much..!!!
  • Fear to Fly

    Please pray for me to overcome my fear of flying as I will be travelling to the UK next week.

    This fear started last year after the Air Asia incident as well stress with work and life.

    I used to love flying and travelling everywhere and I don't want to take any medication as I know it's all in our mind.

    Please help me pray for strength and have a peaceful mind and soul.

    Thank you everyone and God bless us all :)
  • Please pray for my daughter

    My daughter is going through out a tough time in her marriage. Please pray for her to be wise and trust God.
  • I lost my keys

    I have been searching and searching for mynkeys. I have not been able to find them for about a week and half know. I can not afford to not have my car keys. I ask for prayers that I find them so I can get back to my normal routine.