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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • I need guidance

    I need guidance. I need assistance that only God can provide. I really need His help!
  • Financial blessings

    Praying for financial blessings for enough funds for our barn construction. Also, praying for a job offer from a senior living facility very soon. I ask in the name of Jesus. Amen
  • Moving Forward

    I pray for some guidance, strength, courage, and wisdom. My relationship with my long term boyfriend has become toxic, negative, and verbally abusive. He is being attacked repeatedly by Satan and is growing increasingly angry, bitter, and miserable. He was diagnosed with an illness that he will carry for the rest of his life, but could be manageable with life style changes. Since that diagnosis he has become a different person. I have stuck by and supported him the whole time, even spending weeks in the hospital with him. But I can no longer live in the misery and nightmare that my daily life has become. I pray constantly and I have often felt as if God wants me to help him and stay, but I can not do this anymore. I am praying for a miracle or for God to show me the right time and situation to walk away.
  • husband

    i am married to a collecotholic.
    he is a nice person that likes to help others - but not US
    he is very practical and can do a lot of stuff
    he likes to do stuff for others but not us
    we hav been married for 38 years - but I am tired of asking him do something that need fixing - he gets very upset when I ask.
    i Am fed up with this
    please pray that I can accept the situation or better that he can change and think that I am most important.
    I feel that I am the least important in his life.
  • workplace boundaries

    Need workplace boundaries from workplace police informant and their spouse.
  • hockey team bus crash

    Not sure how much of this story you know or heard about, but our local hockey team, The Humboldt Broncos, was involved in a tragic bus accident yesterday when a semi drove into their bus. Out of the 29 people on the bus, 15 have died and the remaining 14 are injured, some in serious critical condition. We need all the prayers as we can get for the families (birth and billet), friends, the first responders, Drs and nurses as well as the truck driver.

  • Job

    Feeling forgotten, depression setting in. Been w/o job for so long. So discouraged and miserable. Please God!
  • Health

    I am on dialysis three times a week for fours at a time.
    I am getting to where I cannot work anymore and may
    have to go on disability which will cut my income in half.
    I need prayers for better health so I can continue to work.
    I have a wife son and grandson living with us.
    Mainly God's will in my life.
  • my sister, Kim

    Spent time with my parents over Easter and received unsettling news about my sister, Kim. My mother informed me that my sister attempted to take her own life last month. I was shocked and had no idea that my sister was suffering so much. I asked my mom why she didn't say anything and her reply was " she didn't want anyone to know".

    Pray for my sister, Kim. That she is not alone even though she feels that she is. About 6 months ago I felt the same. So I know how she feels...not feeling loved. I fell to my knees and cried out to my Lord and Savior for help. Ever since then, my life has changed for the better. I know in my heart and soul and through Jesus Christ I too can help my sister.

    Thank you and God Bless.
  • Husband's Battle (World & Money vs. Wife) - Constant Divorce Threats

    Husband said wants everything his way, too hard being married to me different than him - any difference he threatens divorce and moves to old house that made me sick for indeterminable amounts of time regularly. He doesn't understand my illness so claims I make it up - maybe just denies because it is a very difficult illness and requires life style changes and doesn't want to alter anything...unwilling to be in any doctor appt's or try to understand in any way. He tells me I am not the woman he married because I went and got sick and now am just in pain and struggling - so he doesn't know if he wants me anymore...or thinks I am making it all up to not have to work (feel one of the main reasons he married me was I could add a big paycheck before I got sick). It's difficult to get better when he is constantly attacking my character, putting me down and being reckless with my health.