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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • home idea

    Need God to let me know which direction to go. I really need a home and I am about to be homeless from my current residence. I also have no funds to move. It is a very complicated situation and I have been praying over it for over a year on which direction to go but now it is decision time or I will be living in a tent or car. Thank you all your prayers!
  • Right words/heart change for hubby

    Husband & adult daughter need healing in their relationship & willingness on both parts to try again. Daughter sometimes claims Christ in her heart & other times very worldly. She needs Lord to take away her desire for immorality
  • hope

    Please pray for my friends, family, neighbors, and loved ones...
  • Job loss

    My husband just lost his job. Please pray for Gods wisdom and that His perfect plan will be clear to our family.
  • Grandson's delays addressed

    Pls pray our daughter & her son's father will get in agreement about him (he's 2) and will desire reconciliation & marriage
  • Losing my job

    I'm losing my part time teaching position after only 3 months. Please pray for my next steps.
  • Right job for hubby

    My husband about to make a major job change. Prayer wanted that company he interviewed with will only offer it if Lord is in it
  • Guidance for sons

    Sons to have clarity about their next step. One needs to finish college & other needs to return to church. Encourage each other & maybe share an apt when older son's lease expires?
  • Daughter open to change

    Pls pray Shannon will be open to her father's advice & he will be open to talk to her (again) with a truly loving heart that isnt angry or judgmental but truly concerned about her well being
  • Health Crisis

    Please pray for me to be healed from a cardiac problem and successful withdrawal from alcohol use. I know I am a child of the loving God but I need a little extra help. Thank you for your prayerful help and God bless.