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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance

    Recently our family moved to a new state for a job relocation. Our daughter Alexandra is trying to adjust to her new high school, it's tough. She is trying to have an open mind and settle in to her daily routine. She misses her friends, and is trying to make new friends. Please pray Alexandra will continue forward and adjust to her new surroundings. Our family is looking for a church home also, I think we all need to adjust and settle in! Thank you for your prayers.
  • job

    I love my job but I am in danger of losing it unless I can get my manager to approve my going home early yesterday because I was sick. I'm only allowed 3 unauthorized absences in the 1st six months and this would be my 4th, I can't afford and don't want to lose my job because of this. Thank you
  • My marriage

    Restoration after domestic violence and an arrest. The DA has gotten involved. Please pray Gods will be done. Much healing for past traumas in my husbands childhood and adolescence. also for forgiveness on both our parts. for a contrite & humble spirit.I believe the enemy has been hanging on to much unresolved pains & anger it has been erupting & was very scary. We need miracles in Jesus name. Thy will be done! Thank YOU Father, please shine your Light, your Truth your Way! Holy Spirit intercede for us for the Testimony that will bring Jesus Glory.

  • Eating Disorder

    I pray for my brother, Michael, that God may be with him in his pain and suffering. He is facing depression, anxiety and an eating disorder. Also, my friend Alison is struggling with body image, so I pray for her that she may face those lies on her journey.
  • Gods Favor

    Lord Jesus I bring my son Leland to you. Please uplift and encourage his heart , mind, spirit and soul today. Please restore his brokenness and heal his heart. I pray You would exult the power of the cross , the blood of Jesus, your protection and your favor upon his life. I pray by Your resurrection that You would cancel his debt and free him from charges pending against him for his upcoming court case on October 13th. Let no weapons formed against him prosper. Shine your face upon Leland and help him to acknowledge You as Lord and Savior.
  • My family

    I have decided full heartedly to follow God. Now I ask for prayer for my two sons.. They were baptized when they were young and have fallen away.. Please pray! Thank you
  • Teenage Son

    Please pray for my son. He just started a new part-time job, which was an answer to prayer. He had something happen yesterday, which is causing much challenge for him. He has been struggling through high school, and can't seem to get a break. He has a health concern and it he's consumed with this. Please pray that work will get better, that he will be healed and that the test he's taking in December will show God's Glory in his body through healing. My heart is broken for him, I am anxious and worried beyond belief. Many thanks.
  • My son

    I am asking for prayer for my son who is going to college in Pocatello. His girlfriend just broke up with him after almost a year and he is taking it hard. He hasnt been eating and when he eats his stomach is so upset that he throws up.His classes have been extremely hard and is adding to the stress. Prayer that he can get past this break up and focus on God and what He has planned for him.
    Thank you and blessings to you all...
  • Nightmares

    Struggling with a dark past thats resulted in very dark nightmares. feel there is a war going on for my soul. please pray for me and that i will let God fight for me and have peace at night and in my heart.
  • Our Mother is dying...

    We know that she is saved and we know that she will be in a better place soon. Could you pray for the Lord's comfort and peace, please. Would you please pray for us as well? We could handle an abundant amount of Gods Grace in this difficult situation. We have your station playing in Moms room❣GOD BLESS Y'ALL❣