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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • need prayer for my mom

    My mom just turned 80 last month, we lost my dad last May..My mom has in a sense gotten her life back. on Friday she went in to urgent care... was told she had a virus.. was given meds and sent home... on sunday she went to the hospital cause she had trouble breathing. they checked all her blood work and tests and said they agreed she had this virus thing and was sent home.. on monday morning she was coughing up blood... went to the hospital again.. and she was admited with pnemonia in her left lung... by tuesday she had sepsus... and wed.. the bacteris in her lungs is leaking into her back muscle tissue... Now they put her on a cpap machine to help her breathe.. and today her other lung is infected. so they sent her to a specialist in high line hospital who deal with respitory matters... and now she is in a medical coma and has a breating tube in.prayer for recovery please
  • Custody of granddaughter

    My granddaughter lived with me for 13 years, since she was 16 months old. Now her mother is trying to get custody of her and my granddaughter wants to continue living with me. Next Wednesday the Judge will give her decision in Court as to who will be granted custody. Please pray that I will be granted custody so that my granddaughter will continue to be raised in a Christian home.
  • suicidal son update

    Thank you to all who prayed for my son David. I believe the Lord is working in his life. Please continue to pray the Lord will bring this beloved sheep back to His fold for good and with that, David will have true and renewed hope for his future.

  • Husband spitting blood

    Please help me pray for my husband's health. Lately, he's been spitting out blood. He saw doctor today and was referred to ENT specialist. Help me pray that it's not a serious condition. Thanks!
  • baby and wife

    Please pray for God's continued blessing for my wife and our unborn baby. the most recent ultrasound had an abnormality. I know that God has a plan. Please pray that God continues to protect my wife and baby. Thank you.
  • healing prayers

    Was diagonized with incurable disease.I know God is a healer and to him the word uncurable does not exist.Need someone to pray and belive with me for a healing miracle.Thanks and God bless.
  • daughter safety and health

    Please pray for my daughter's safety and protection traveling and in various situations while working in Europe through the end of May. Please also pray for her health as she is not feeling well. Thank you.
  • Please pray for son and daughter

    Please pray for my son Edgar to stay sober and to keep learning more about God's word . For my daughter to be wise and be a good wife for her husband, and for her to be a witness of God's love for her husband.
  • Daughter Relationship

    Please pray for my daughter for direction and wisdom in some guy relationships. She likes these two guys but not sure where she stands with either of them. Pray for God to give her direction and they both will be honest and truthful to her.
  • running out of time

    hello i ask for prayer for my family to find a home of our own, i am on housing but i will be terminated this friday if i do not find a home its very difficult i have had an eviction in the past thats not all i have to find a house in my sons school district with a limited rent amount, everyone keeps telling me that GOD has the right home for me i do believe that its just time is running out and hard times im trying to keep my family together happy and well its hard living with lots of people so please pray that my family can soon settle down in our own home and have peace again thank you