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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Purity, Patience and blending a family

    My fiance and I are planning to get married August 2016. Please pray God will give us the strength and patience to remain sexually pure. It is hard to wait so long, and we need to wait due to current circumstances (e.g. selling my home, kids finishing school year, moving etc.) I struggle with self-pity and not being able to move up the wedding. Please pray God will give me an attitude adjustment. My fiance and I have both been celibate and divorced for the last 10 years so you can imagine what a big deal this is for us both.

    Thank you!! Your Sister in Christ!
  • My husband and I

    My husband has addictions.my husband is depressed. I'm struggling with my walk with the Lord. Please pray for us.
    Thank you!
  • My Best Friend

    Please pray for my friend Karen today. She is having surgery. Ask God to hold her tight through all the prep before the surgery and for a speedy recovery. We believe that all cancer cells will be remove and that through you, Father, all things can be done. If you are open to suggestions, we all would love for her to come out of this cancer free :) In Jesus name, Amen. Thank you for your prayers and have a blessed day.
  • daughter with cancer

    My daughter is having a biopsy done on her thyroid right now. She has several nodules on both sides and a very high probability its cancer. Please pray for the doctors to remove all of the cancer cells when the times comes for surgery. Please pray also that she turns to God for strength and guidance. thank you
  • Healing & forgiveness

    Please pray Lord gives our daughter desire for forgiveness toward Her ex-fiance & a soft heart to re-dedicate her life to Jesus.
  • Prayer for peaceful outcome

    Pls pray our daughter & her ex-fiance will have peaceful visits for their son & for me (grandma) to have worry/free week while she & grandson gone. Reconciliation & marriage between them if Lord wills
  • Healing for Markus

    Pls pray Lord heals his cold/cough & gives him peace during his parent's hard times.
  • healing

    My friend Loraine is in the hospital. She has something wrong with her blood. So she doesn't heal well. She had a cut on her hand, and it got an infection in it. It is not really healing. I ask you to pray for her. Thank you and God bless
  • For my coworker's mother

    Please pray a prayer of healing for my coworker's mother. She was admitted to the hospital early Thursday morning and is in bad shape. The doctors are doing tests, but nothing conclusive yet. Lymphoma is a real possibility, and this thought has her petrified. Please pray for peace for my coworker and her mom, as well as wisdom for the doctors. God can do anything we ask in his name, so please remember these two lovely people.
  • financial blessing

    Pray that the Lord will ease my fears and anxieties. I was recently awarded guardianship of my niece and am worried about how to support us both. Her mother doesn't want to give any money and her father is in prison. Pray that the Lord will bless me with a better paying job.