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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Help!

    Help and pray you too for me in my the fight against false doctrine who not confess Jesus blood in salvation,but use own victims,thanks and bless,keijo sweden
  • Victory

    I ask for victory today for my team Chivas and also that they would move close to God
  • Prayers needed

    I feel so alone like I am surrounded by people that don't have my best interest in mind. I am tired of meeting only users. Are there any good people left? I know God placed me on this earth to do great things as he has with all his children yet I am heartbroken that this is what my life has become. I am financial strapped so I can't move right away. I don't feel good but I am working my hardest on that and praying for healing. Please pray for me. Thank you.
  • Family

    I've been asking for prayers for a miracle with my family on here. My mother in law just recently called and said she was sorry for her part in the conflict. It's the first real movement I've seen in a long time. Please keep praying for us, but I have hope for the first time in a long time.
  • The workplace

    I had a very tough week at work and could use some prayer
  • Rachel needs work & church

    Please pray she pursues finding work, even a minimum wage job, she is 37 and has a degree and emotional breakdowns due to worry when our parents don't fully support her. Needs Jesus to open miraculous doors for her & a willingness on her part to keep persevering
  • Daughter’s Pregnancy

    Please pray for God’s peace for my daughter and her husband and their baby. The ultrasound says the baby is measuring two weeks small, but the outside measurement says the right size. She’s 24 weeks.

    Please pray that they be enveloped in God’s peace as they “only believe, and she (both my daughter and her baby girl) will be made well.” Thank you. God is good.
  • Prayer needs

    I am needing complete healing... Also for the Lord to bless me, my loved ones and family members with grace, favor, protection and mercy forever in Jesus name.
  • Hope

    I ask for mercy and help through our Lord Jesus Christ I’m dealing with demonic oppression everyday I just wanted to be done already, hope is there
  • Need Prayers Please

    Since I lost my husband, I've been lost, stuck, I just can't seem to move forward. My health is declining. I'm alone, no family, no friends, and in a new state. I'm now a recluse. I can't keep going on this way. Please pray our Lord Jesus, Father God lift me, heal me - mind, body and soul. Pray he gifts me with a small circle of friendships. Please ask the our Lord to take me in his loving arms and clear my path, choose for me his desire for me. I am thinking my prayers aren't enough. Thank you. Bless all of you who will take the time to include me in your thoughts and prayers. I greatly appreciate you.