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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Want to thank all the prayed for my wife

    I am not sure how to thank all the prayed so just going to post it this way .. Thanks to all the prayed for my wife who was taking her RN test a couple days ago she passed and is as happy as I have seen her in a while. :)
    Thanks again ..
    God is great!!
  • Wisdom & boldness for daughter

    Pls pray our 22 year old daughter will find Christian home to live with her 2 yr old son. We offered our home but we live 4 hours from her
  • At the end of my rope

    I hate to sound like I am consumed by self pity but I almost feel like God has abandoned me and I have a hard time facing each day. I work hard and fall short, I got taken by a landlord and my daughter and I've been living in a house with no water for 7weeks now. I need to move it costs so much, we maybe nd up with no place
  • help

    My dog is very sick, and may have cancer, please pray for healing. My dog, is only 8, and I would like a few more years with him.
  • job seeker

    friends I need prayer. I have to find a new job with a higher salary and benefits. I can not make ends meet and I am a single mom to six kids. I have applied for many jobs Please pray the door opens for me to get a full time job that pays well to support all my financial needs. thank you .
  • New Job

    Please pray for my Husband. He is taking a job related test tomorrow for a job that he has wanted his whole life. The company that he is with now has started laying off people, and it is only getting worse, things are looking scary. They have now put the remaining employees on part time. We will NOT make it on part time pay! We need a miracle quick. We need him to pass the test and the interview. Please pray that the Holy Spirit will lead the way for him, if it's Gods will. Thank you!!
  • Homeless

    Please pray that we won't end up homeless.
  • My mom

    My mom has been getting really bad headaches, and she had to go to the doctor to get it checked out. The doctor told her she had blood vessels not working right. Just keep her in your prayers.
  • Salvation for Martin & Shannon

    Pls pray they have soft hearts for the Lord & their son's eyes get healed.
  • Short time quick prayer request for my wife

    She is taking a job related test today 8/26/15 at 2pm. If you can pray for her to have peace and a little stress as possible in her head so she can focus and pass this test. It is big in her career and for our family.
    Thanks and God bless in advance.