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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Sponsor child

    An opportunity has come up for me and I am having mixed thoughts. I sponsor a child through Compassion international and I have the opportunity to go to Sri Lanka and visit him. I would love to go, but have a few mixed thoughts about safety,finances, etc... I would like prayer that I make the right decision. Thank you
  • Financial, health, Daughter, so many other people

    My body is rapidly decaying there's no cure, med's I take only mask the pain I'm in 24/7. I have to use legs braces to walk. The never pain is in all parts of my body. I have even gotten my BA, IN MINISTRY, as a Pastor/Counselor.
    I went to church to get help only to be told to leave. from too church's here in Yakima. The hardest part of leaving with my decease (CMT) is my 3 younger children want to play.
    My oldest daughter "AMY" will not TALK to me anymore.

    "I THANK GOD" allowing me back to school for the last 11 years, 4 degrees, BA, 2, MA'S, and Doctorate. Companies are unwilling to look past my deformities. I walk funny people still make fun of it, it has brought on a Hugh amount of depression. I don't like how people act / treat others. It hurts like ??? I thought we all part of the body of Christ?

    need help mscot2250@yahoo.com
    Dr. Michael Scott
  • Living in fear

    My life changed when I met my ex husband....... Since the divorce I am living in fear and so are my kids. I don't know how to ask God to KEEP STRONG protection around my kids, myself, my house. I have to go every year to court and ask for protection but it is scary living the way we do. He is evil and will do anything to destroy peace in our lives which he has done already... Pray for us please. I need God to interfere and protect us. I know He loves us so much more then we can imagine.
    Thank you!
  • overwhelmed with insecurity and mistrust of people, wife, boss, ect

    I need prayer to be delivered from insecurity and mistrust. When people communicate information, especially about me, I often respond in anger, fear, and denial. This has wrecked havoc with relationships from friends, family and wife! I do not want to live like this anymore! I need God!!!
  • My job and Finances

    I need all of you wonderful prayer warriors to pray for a new job and finances. Please and thank you!
  • life

    Feeling so unloved by God. I know God loves all his children equally but that's how I am feeling. I need so much help and my life has been a hard one.
  • a lot of things

    Having my landlord understand us when things are difficult. Living in her house stress free. Waiting on things to happen in my life. Getting that confirmation from God.
  • Brother Rico

    Please pray for my brother's health. He injured his calve at work recently and has been diagnosed with blood clots in his leg!! Please pray that the physical therapy helps to completely disintegrate those clots and that he can continue trying to live a Godly life.
  • Angry sister needs understanding

    Pls pray Lord gives my sister grace to understand & accept that her actions resulted in her losing her custody battle...I'm sad for her but she still gets littlevisitation
  • The Nomad

    I am lost. Please pray for me.