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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • URGENT PRAYER for husband's job

    Please pray for our family. My husband may be losing his job on the railroad soon. Please pray that everything goes good that he will be able to keep his job. He is at that age, where jobs are so hard to come by since. Thank you so much!!!
  • Please pray

    I am feeling so desperate. I am out of food and don't have the money to drive to a food bank. My fridge is also dying. I need a miracle.
  • Son and daughter trying to learn to be adults

    I ask you pray for my daughter as she has made some bad choices in life and is depressed a lot as the father of her daughter has custody .. She has made big strides the last 6 months or so please pray she continues to do what gets her more visitation with her daughter .. And my son is out of jail please pray he stays on the straight and narrow this time..

    Amen and thank you
  • Prayer for husband's job/raise

    My husband asked for a raise back in February and he was told he would get it. However, it's the end of August and he still hasn't gotten it. He's asked about it several times and has been told to wait. We really want this raise because it would mean I could finally stay home with our young boys. It's our desire to have me at home with our kids but financially his salary hasn't been able to support us without supplemental income. Please pray that he gets his raise soon!
  • work and life

    Hi, my name is James.. and I have been out of work for over a decade.. I have struggled with anxiety, depression, ocd, ptsd, schizophrenia.. You get the picture.. Severe mental illness.. Anyway, I have it in my mind that I want to go back to work.. And that I should.. Cause I am tired of living life with the financial burden I am under.. At the same time.. I take 4 meds right now.. And it has kept me stuck in this position.. I am afraid if I go back to work.. It will further my illness.. And I will be worse off.. Please pray for my situation.. That God will open doors.. That I will have the guidance to follow the right path.. I appreciate any prayers that go up on my behalf.. I am praying for you all as well.. God bless each one of you..
  • need urgent prayer

    Please pray for my mother- freedom from cancer( previously diagnos of lung cancer after treatment and chemo declared no signs of cancer ), that she will be able to breathe better (she had COPD) and pray for her salvation. Please pray for me too I have paralyzing anxiety despite of strong medication.I feel lost - can't hear God, can't pray, can't read His Word, blasphemy coming out of my mouth, extreme anger, can't remember who Jesus is.I feel like crying all the time.
  • Strength

    Will u please pray for the people in danger of fire and I need prayer for strength and guidance. Thanks
  • relationship

    i was with my wife for a little over 9 years we had alot of ups and downs i made some bad decisions and took the wrong paths we have three kids and now we have been apart for the last 8 months i am doing everything to be a better man for them and myself i love them with all my heart and soul i want nothing more in this life than to repair the damage i helped create and fix my family i hope with all my heart she feels the same and we can get back together and have the family we all deserve please pray for us that we can do this that the love isnt gone they are my world my happiness my everything
  • Prayers for adult children & sister

    Pls pray my children remember the Lord & want Him to reign in their lives and are open to Him in areas they struggle & same with my sis in Ca
  • Sale of property

    I am asking for prayers for my property to sell immediately...I am needing to assist my parents financially as my father is indefinitely in a nursing home due to massive stokes.