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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • School

    I'm taking summer classes at college right now, which means that I need to learn in 6 weeks, what most people learn in 16 weeks. I'm taking Chem and Phys and PE (Log 36 hours in a gym) all at the same time. It's now finals week and between now(Friday) and next Saturday, I have 13 tests and quizzes. (1 midterm, 2 finals, 1 exam) I need to log 14 hrs in PE, and my lease is up so I'm also packing and moving this week and saying goodbye to my lovely housemates, and I don't have time to be sentimental or hang out with them so I feel bad. I just want prayer that I can hear God better and feel him more and focus on his plans not my own, I want to know what he's telling me to do and how to study so I can know that I did my very best! Also anything else you cant think of to pray that might help me study, Thanks!
  • Thank you for your Prayers

    Your Prayers for my Son have been answered and so encouraging on his path to recovery. Thank you all and Thank You Jesus !
  • Headaches

    I have suffered from headaches for about 10 years now everyday. I would just ask that you pray that God would heal whatever it is that causes my headaches.
  • My Cousin's Daughter

    On June 1 my cousin's daughter, Jennifer, was in a terrible car accident with her children. The children are OK but Jennifer is in critical condition. She is just coming out of a coma. I pray for continual healing for her and support for her family.
  • My Marriage

    My husband and I have been married for nearly 28 years. In September 2013 he started drinking and became abusive. He also got a girlfriend. It was becoming unsafe for me and I told him if he wanted a divorce to leave. But I still want my husband back. I pray that this father's day he will be miserable without his two grown sons and will want to come home. I also pray that he will stop drinking so he can come back because he is too violent and can't come back unless he stops. I miss him and I know God can reconcile this. Also, during this time one of my sons started drinking and is acting out in anger. He hasn't hit me but he has been destroying my house so I had to get a restraining order. We are talking now and trying to work things out. But he has a lot of anger and he blames me for the divorce. I pray that he will stop drinking and find healing.
  • Our marriage

    My husband is in a very dark place and wants to give up on our marriage. Satan is on attack. He will be moving out this evening. He is seeking a Christian counselor, please pray he connects with the counselor, humble himself and start to heal. My big prayer is for God to redeem our marriage and for us to have victory! Please pray for our young children who are hurting!!! Thank you!!!
  • Healing

    I am so stressed out. I just want a normal life. I would love to bless others but I am always having to deal with health problems and bills. I am so sick of migraines! I am praying that today is the day I am finally free from life's stresses and I am healed!
  • Thank You For Your Prayers

    Got back from doctor and my son's heart is fine.
    God does great things.
  • protection for grand daughter

    Please pray for protection for my granddaughter. My daughter has an anger problem and physically abuses my grand daughter. My daughter is mad tonight and I am afraid of what may take place. Please join me in prayer for the Lord to place angels around my granddaughter as a hedge of His protection!!! Please pray.
  • (no subject)

    Please pray for my son Edgar and my daughter Karen so they can get closer to God,