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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing

    My brother-in-law Herb needs healing. He and his brother, my husband, were involved in a motorcycle accident a year ago. Herb is a Down Syndrome man, 53 year-old and sustained a severe brain injury. He has not yet returned home (he lives with my husband and myself). Now he has had a series of aspiration pneumonias over the past few weeks. His swallowing mechanism is not functioning properly plus he is on tube feeding. I am asking God to heal that swallowing mechanism and to restore him to health.
  • Grandpa

    Please pray for my grandfather he is in the hospital since he had a severe stoke and is dying. He loved God and will be in Heaven, but please pray for my family.
  • In debt

    I am asking for prayer in my job for more work hours and/or a part time second job so I can pay off these bills. The creditors have started the garnishment process.
    It is about past due medical bills.
    Thank you
  • marriage

    Please pray for us. Our 19 yr marriage is in shambles and my husband is leaving. We are both Christians, and there are children involved. I do not want my marriage to be over. I believe in my promise and vows, I love him very much. Thank u and God bless
  • Husband and finances

    My husband thinks everything is hopeless. We have medical bills going into collections. I'm working two jobs and my husband is on disability. I want to try to have a nice weekend.
    Thank you for your prayers They mean a lot!
  • Relief of pain

    Please pray for relief in of pain in my neck, shoulder and elbow and to guide the Dr. to find cause and a way to heal me.
  • mental health

    Please pray that God would renew a right spirit, mind, heart, soul in me.. That I would not struggle with social anxiety disorder.. That I might serve God will all my heart, soul, and being.. That I would not have to take drugs for mental illness.. That the devil would keep his sticky paws off of me.. Thank you.. And Gods blessing to all
  • keep faith,

    I am asking for prayer please just to help my husband and I to just keep our faith in the lord and know he has a plan for us we are struggling with all our bills kids birthdays coming up, and I know the lord will always supply I am also seeking employment please pray I find one soon thank you al, GOD BLESS l
  • financial hardship

    Money is super tight right now and we just had another hospital bill come in. So many things seem to be piling up on us , it feels overwhelming trying to keep up with everything. Please pray for some help.
  • Cancer Treatment

    I know a woman named Athena going through cancer treatment and I just want to pray that she receives healing.