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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Brother

    Thank you PLR for your ministry! I am requesting prayer for my brother. He believes in God but isn't ready to surrender his life to Him to help him stop drinking. Pray that he will want to join a men's group with Celebrate Recovery. This may be a strange request, but he also is in need of a handyman to provide him guidance on how to do some wall repairs in his bathroom, which may be a wonderful witnessing opportunity. Thank you.
  • struggling friend

    Please pray for my friend Kim who is unable to love himself. Please pray that he will see that God loves him for who he is and that he will accept Jesus in his life. Thank you.
  • i need prayers all i can get

    That God will stop these evil people from killing me with a dierected energy weapon they've been torture me with there electronic harassment weapon if you look it up online and read the symptoms that's what I'm going through and I've been pouring my heart out for 9 years that God would stop them and I need all the prayers I can get the devil is using these people to destroy me and I'm not crazy I've been saved baptized and filled with the Holly spirit growing up my whole life in church so please pray that God will end my suffering and pain I'm being tortured everyday by this evil mind control weapon they've hooked me up with a micro chip that's injected under the skin if you have time please study this that way you know what's happening and know what to pray for me about thank you and god bless you
  • Update On Martha

    Martha came home from the hospital today. The bowel blockage is gone. Thank you for your prayers. She is in remission from the colon cancer but she still has neuropathy from all the chemotherapy that she had. Please don't stop praying for her. God Bless!!!! Ron
  • Purity, Patience and blending a family


    Thank you for reading my prayer request! I am dating a wonderful man and we both love the Lord deeply. Please pray that God will help us to remain pure as we wait for our wedding night. Please pray that we could lay an awesome foundation for our relationship and future family of 7 (he has 3 children and I have 2). Please pray for wisdom that we would know when it would be best to unite our families and set our wedding date.

    Thank you again!
  • daughter's job interview / my friend

    please pray my daughter finds a job soon she has a interview today at 4pm. she is a hard worker and a very sweet young college girl. thank you

    please pray my best friend talks to me. I miss them terribly Please pray the relationship heals.