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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • rent

    Due to health issues, I had to pay rent late in the past and my landlord said if I was late again I would be evicted. I was supposed to receive money months ago but thanks to the company losing my paperwork, I still do not have it and it definitely won't be here in time for rent. I don't know what to do anymore. I have fought for years to avoid this tying to find jobs that would work with my physical limitations and after 7 years, I have nowhere to go. I am so heartbroken.
  • For the return of my child

    Recently a supposed friend/former boss took my daughter & never returned her. She betrayed me & took my daughter, Ava to her dad. Her dad has never been much of a father to our daughter & when I would bring her to him for visiting he was mean & verbally abusive. I haven't seen my daughter in more than a week. This coming Tuesday I have a court to get her back to me but I'm praying that the judge grant me my request. Please help me pray that my child is returned to me and please help pray for God to give me strength & peace in the midst of this. Ava loves singing to the worship & praise songs on your station, I miss her voice coming from the backseat of the car. Thank you for all you do, the music has helped me through the toughest of times & still helps me praise God through this all. God bless you all over & above.
  • Prayer for my mother

    My mothers in the hospital with heart issues please pray for her and the doctors. thank you
  • Need prayer

    Hello, I would like prayer for relationships with my family and with friends and all the prayer groups and counseling ministry I attend, I need to remember that I am nothing without God and the only reason his grace abounds I believe? is because of trying to follow commands about tithing and praying and seeking God, sorry I am not trying to be holier than thou, and not sure how technical God can be about things, but I was a little late in tithing? and felt like l was dealing with a personal attack at the counseling ministry I attend, I was told I talk too much of the time and when we were doing one our counseling sessions with another counselor I was told that I should have listened more, I feel like this is more than just constructive criticism, and this lady has a problem with my spirit, way I go about things, I would like prayer about this, thank you.
  • Prayer for friend who is wanting to adopt

    Please help pray for my good friend. Her and her husband are trying to adopt a baby out of state. They are looking into what they can and hoping they can adopt this baby as they haven't been able to have a child of their own. Please pray for this process and to accept God's will whatever the outcome may be.

    Thank you for your prayers.
  • need help

    My life has been one constant trial it seems. I grew up in an abusive household. Both mother and father were very hard on me. But it is hard to break a child's spirit. I was always the black sheep. Then all through school, I was an outcast. So I quit school and got my GED. Had a job by the time I was 18. But nothing ever seemed to get easier. Now I am 41, and find myself wishing I was dead. I know I should not think that way. I just wonder why me. I think dying would be easier then this. I live with physical, emotional pain. Constant financial problems. Relationship problems. I think the fear of God is the only reason I am still alive. I just wish that life would get easier. There are so many things I haven't mentioned. I could write all night. If you could say a prayer from your heart for my life. It would be appreciated. Thank you
  • Attacks

    Am getting hit with bad thoughts , worries , fear , this is not like me this is not of God . Please send prayers for god to fight these evil ! No one worries or fears . Please send prayers
  • Lost and Confused

    Forgive me for the way I sound. I just turned 60 in September of last year. I prayed and prayed for God to help move down by my daughters. I am down here now and can not get a job and I am running out of money. My back is all messed up , Doctors are talking surgery ,, my hearing is going bad ,, and now my knee's are acting up. I keep asking myself ,, what did I do ? I pray and pray ,, I am lost. Suppose to go talk to a surgeon Thursday. Praying for a miracle some where.

    Thanks For Listening
    I am praying for others on this site,,

  • Brother still in a Coma

    Please pray for my brother. I asked for your prayers earlier as he was on life support, and thereafter he was breathing on his own that very evening, so thank you. However, now my brother Ed is still unconscious and the doctors do not know why he isn't waking up. Please pray that he will finally come out of his coma sooner than later and God will guide the hands of the doctors and nurses to bring him back. Thank you so much for your prayers!
  • Multiple health issues

    Asking for prayer for all my injuries: nerve problems, migraines, damaged ligaments, sensitive teeth and gum problems, spine alignment, knee popping out of place, and TMJ. Thank you so much! Please Jesus heal all my problems.