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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • For my sister and niece

    Please send up lots of prayers for my sister. She is currently in the hospital and being tested for meningitis. Please also pray for her little girl, that the Lord keeps her healthy. Pray for wisdom for the doctors that they can find out what is making her sick.
  • College Graduate Son needs a job

    Please lift my son up - he has just been released from his contract job. He has been applying for jobs in the Spokane Area. Pray that a door opens for him - he is getting discouraged and questioning. Please lift him up
  • Husband wants job & wife needs peace

    I'm trying to submit to husband's desire for change but it will take us from grandson (again) and our daughter plans to move in with an unbeliever she just met. Our grandson already has issues that need to be addressed. She won't listen
  • Sever relationship in Jesus name!

    Please sever the ungodly relationship between Shannon & Joe
  • Protection for Markus

    He has crossed eye that was evaluated by opthalmologist who referred him to specialist. Appt still needs to be set. Meantime he climbs on couch, walks off it, hits himself when frustrated & needs Lord to protect him
  • Strong conviction needed

    Shannon needs to repent of her sins
  • stress

    Having a really hard time right now. I am getting hives and feeling weak and dizzy due to stress. I have some financial problems. I have one that is coming up in 2 weeks. And another that is due now and they say they will hold it but want it asap. I have nothing left to sell. Please pray God will send the money that I need.
  • Answered prayers

    Thank you all for praying for us. My husband's CAT Scan came back with no cancer at all and my son passed his polygraph test. God is so good. We are praising God's Holy Name and Jesus walked with us through it all. Praise God!
    Sincerely In Christ's Name,
    Marian and Chuck
  • Peace

    Please pray for my peace, I get worried about things I have no control over and it consumes me. I know God is in control and I should trust him, but I have a hard time feeling at peace and not worrying. I pray I can seek him and learn to be content and not worry. Also please pray for my health and for me to have courage to do what is right. Thank you !!
  • Brain tumor, needs prayers

    My husband and I have good friends from church who have had his mother living with them for the last three years.
    My friend said she was woken up Monday night by God speaking to her telling her that something was wrong with her husbands mother.
    He rushed downstairs and found her unconscious. She is 84. She was rushed to hospital and they originally thought she had a stroke. After a CT scan yesterday they found a brain tumor. She is having surgery tomorrow.
    They had just found out about a new job in another state and he has to leave on the 14th of November to start on the 16th of November.
    Many prayers please for the mother to recover well from surgery. Prayers for our friends also to get them through this terrible time. Prayers for God to wrap his arms around this family and give them all strength.

    Thank you