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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing

    I'm feeling sick & need the Lord to help me get through tomorrow at work
  • Husband

    Please pray for my friends husand. He is depressed and masks it with drinking. He recently said he thought his time was coming to an end. I believe he is being attacked. He was saved a few years back but has not committed his life to Jesus . I know my friend like the back on my hand and she is about to break. Please pray for this family , Devine intervention from God is badly needed .
  • How do I bring my boyfriend to Christ?

    I am a new christian who has not been walking right in the past. I want to change this and one of the steps to do so is to bring my relationship to Christ. But I do not know how or where to start, and I am scared. I am nervous. How do I tell my atheist boyfriend that I am a christian? I need courage and strength. Thank you
  • prayer for more direction

    I pray God just helps us to have a bigger bible study group. I hope God helps me learn this upper level Chemistry that I am in and somehow I can get atleast a B-, it is a really hard class for me, but it means a lot to get a good grade, I think I am trying hard. I also just need leading and guidance from God, I am scared I let God down somehow and he isn't leading me as well anymore, I hope help this isn't the case, I hope God helps me find joy again.
  • Need Prayer

    My friend Todd is having a hard time, he moved near the Canadian border and he is just making a lot of bad choices, he needs prayer that he finds some good friends up there, pray he can find help/repair some relationships. I pray God helps him find a job or something, he is so broken, we are all broken but he is so lost. I also pray my brother can be more restored in his mind and that he is able to lead and take care of his family, hopefully he can repair a lot of damaged relationships, I just pray God helps a lot of people in the Northwest part of the U.S find Christ, thank you for this prayer site....God Bless all...
  • Worn and Hope

    I still have hope in my Heart god will provide, but however time is running out. I wonder if maybe the answer is no. I am worried I will not have the courage to face a NO at this time. I am so tired , worn out. Not sleeping. My body is worn out, but my mind says keep going. I want to do Gods will, but I have not heard any clear direction from the LORD. I need financial blessings. Please pray. Thank you, MAMA K
  • healing

    Please pray for my sister Linda. I was talking to her and she could barely hold back tears. Her dog had cancer and they had to put him down. Also, for the longest time, she has lived in physical pain. Her back, her neck, her shoulders, even her arms. She has been to chiropractors. It has hardly helped. I love my sister. I pray that God would touch her and heal her. Sometimes she can't even sleep. And she works very hard. She is a believer. I am at a loss to tell her much. I don't know why she is facing this affliction. I pray, but it seems like nothing changes. Please pray for her. That she gets a miracle. Thank you
  • My Dog and my meeting

    Asking prayers for my dog who is having kidney issues, as I believe in the power of God. I also want to pray for my upcoming supervisor meeting, that God will relieve the stress around it.
  • Medical

    I have a medical procedure today and I am terrified. Please help guide the hands of the doctor and his assistants and let it be minimal. I have three more of these appointments. I had a major panic attack while trying to sleep. Please God heal my heart and body of stress and worry all the stress could give me a heart attack or stroke. I have a really bad migraine. I am hoping to sleep a few more hours too.
  • Heal and guide me for our family

    My fiancé cheated on me. Although we decided to stay together and have started counseling, the grief and fear rule my thoughts so much throughout the day and night. We have a beautiful blended family and children who need our full attention and guidance....not parents who are struggling to make sense of their own lives. I love my fiancé with all my life and might. I’m so scared of going through the kind of pain that he caused again. Please don’t let my love and forgiveness be for not. His misdeeds have brought him towards the lord, and that is all that matters in the end. I’m also 2.5 weeks from being done with my schooling and I need a job in my field so badly to help support the kids. This family doesn’t have room for a bad position to come my way. Please work a miracle and present the right job for me, the best job for me. For our family’s sake. In Jesus name, Amen.