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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Guidance & healing

    Pls pray our family gets the confirmation in the guidance my husband & I are seeking about him changing jobs in a year. He has solid reasons for moving out of state (we recently had a difficult move last year). I'm struggling with his idea
  • False positive

    I have a good friend who is on probation and one of his drug tests came up positive for alcohol and he says he didn't do it he has a probation meeting in about an hour. Please pray that all goes as God has planned. I really would hate to see someone get into trouble for something they didn't do.
  • life changes

    please pray for me I am getting depressed. I don't have many friends, I need a job that will pay my bills. Ive applied many places. Please pray I get hired soon.
  • Job Interview today

    I am in desperate need of a job and this morning I am going to a 2nd interview for a job that I would love to do and could excel at. Please pray for God to make me stand out for His glory and to either open the door or close this door. Thank you very much.
  • Job position

    Please help me pray for an open HR position that I have applied for at a health clinic in my town. I currently work 45 miles away and must leave my daughter home alone. I pray to my Lord and Savior that I would be selected for this position to keep me home closer to my daughter. I feel myself falling in the pit of depression, anger and at times questioning God. Please God help me with this job.

    Thank you for your prayers.
  • Car problems

    I ask that you would pray for me.. My car is leaking coolant.. I have no money to fix it.. Please pray for the best possible outcome.. Thank you
  • Prayers for Family

    Please pray for my family to have strength and courage to continue on the path God has for us. Please pray that all of us continue to walk with the Lord through the trials ahead. We have had several close friends and family with cancer. My siblings have or are going through divorces. My heart hurts for them.
    Thank you for your prayers.
  • Husband's heart surgery tomorrow

    Please pray for our family as my husband, age 56, undergoes coronary bypass surgery tomorrow.
  • prayer request for healing

    Recently went to the doctor for a stomach ache ended up in the hospital for an enlarged liver possible gallbladder disease. I have a history of pancreantisis from drinking have been sober almost a year. Have a follow up with my doctor this week the hospital sent me home. Still unable to keep foods down some pain but is getting better. Had a new job offer the first day home from the hospital my job is physical so I need to be healed completely to pursue that. I am low income and uninsured so praying for relief from the bills as well.
  • Sale our chair

    Please pray that we will sale our chair. We need the money.
    Thank you!