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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Daughter & sons

    Pls pray daughter listens to our advice about her relationship issues & older son gets better soon (Sick) and other son seeks another job with better hours
  • Prayers

    Please pray for us; God did a miracle for one of our problems but we still need some help. Very grateful but I have other things that need attention immediately. I know God can do it! Thank you all!
  • Prayer for decisions

    I need Lord to keep daughter's ex-fiancée reasonable & not intimidate her anymore with empty threats that he's since apologized for but leaves us not trusting him & wanting her to get legal help with a parent plan BEFORE he takes their son long distance (we live 4 hrs away)
  • realtionship

    Im so afraid in my new relationship, its the first i have been in since my last one over a year ago (which was very abusive) I am mostly afraid he will leave me. Please just pray Gods will in this, i dont want to be waiting around and feeling used... I just need to hear from him
  • Israel

    Please do not grow weary in praying for the safety and security of Israel. Thank you.
  • Financial

    Thank you God, for giving me your Holy Spirit as a guarantee of fulfillment of your promise's in my life
  • Need a Miracle

    I have asked for prayer before I am feeling desperate and depressed like never before I am overwhelmed I have been living without water for 3 months now it's not a bill issue only the landlord can fix the problem and won't my daughter is gone to live with her dad, my health is suffering I am a cancer survivor with problems I work full-time though I was categorized disabled in 2011 but I need to keep busy. I need to find and finance moving asap I need to be in a suitable place and a safe place I am in a horribly abusive marriage its embarrassing but I am guilt ridden when I try to leave in have reached out for help and am still alone in my battle please help
  • Prayers For Mike My Brother In Law

    Mike has not felt well in over a week. He is tired all the time and he is not eating. He is a diabetic and by not eating, his blood numbers are really bad. Please pray for him to get better. Thanks and God Bless!!!! Ron
  • Frustrated ,,, Need Healing

    Where is God ,,, I have been told when you need healing to reach out to God.
    Been Praying and Praying for God To Heal My Hearing. I have ringing in my
    ears and it is effecting my hearing. I drive a shuttle van and I need to be able
    to hear the people in my van to know where to take them.

    God Please Help ,,,
  • Cooperation from grandsons father

    Daughter lived with her son's father 2 years, while he wanted to permanently stay only engaged. She needed to move with us (4 hours away) since he asked her to leave. We want a peaceful & reasonable parent plan to develop &'peace