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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Work - Things shifting

    Heard this morning that we are opening new positions at work. Please are going to be promoted and moved around. Maybe this is my chance. Hopefully someone has seen how hard I have been trying. I know God has seen.
  • HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hello Everyone ,,, I am struggling so hard right now with my belief in my self in my God and I don't know what to do but continue to pray and reach out. Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart,, Do Not Depend On Your Own Understandings,, Seek His Will In All You Do and He Will Direct Your Paths. When my mom took me back to church before she past away I heard this verse and it has just stuck with me. But reading it and doing it ? I wish I could see in me what others see in me. I have NO confidence in myself sense my back and my hearing went bad. I need a job ASAP . I have till the end of Nov. and I will be homeless. I AM SCARED AND IN TEARS. HELP ME LORD ,, HELP ME.
  • Marriage hanging by a thread

    I could use some major prayers for my marriage, it's falling apart it seems and I'm at a complete loss. I love my wife and son so very much, and I don't want to lose them. Please pray that my wife and I reconcile our marriage back into one with Christ and that it gets even stronger than ever. Thank you.
  • Money Issues

    Just need some extra money to pay off some hospital bills I have racked up. The monthly installment plan I have with the 2 hospitals is very high. Makes is very difficult to spread out all my bills. Need extra funds. Thank you.
  • Work, Tired, Worn out

    Just feeling tired today. Worn out. Find myself wondering when will be my time. I just need a release of a answered prayer. Please , Father am worn.
  • A friend who really could use your prayers today

    Hello, I have a good friends who really needs prayer. She is a Christian but has recently been through something very traumatic . This is causing a lot of anxiety, bitterness and physical issues in her life. Please lift her up with me and pray for peace and healing from this event. Also she is experiencing some very scary dreams because of this. Please also pray that these dreams stop and that she can begin to experience a peaceful sleep again.
  • mental health

    I am still struggling with fear.. I have a broken heart.. I blame God.. In my mind there is nobody else to blame.. I have tried to stay positive.. To be faithful.. I am under constant attack from the enemy.. I don't know what happened today, but I woke in pain spiritually.. I had to take extra meds.. So I could make it to work.. Which the job I am working causes a lot of anxiety.. I am working with voc rehab to possibly find a better job.. Please pray the right doors would open.. Thank you.. And that God would make my soul and spirit right.. take care

    I was in a horrible mood yesterday. Feeling down about my job. Came onto PLR, put in my prayers request. Right after the noon hour, I started feeling better. My mood turned around and I asked God to forgive me. He told me " I get to come to work" NOT I have to come to work. So today, I woke up and said " I get to go to work, thank you lord. " Thank you everyone for praying for me.
  • My daughter Andi Nast

    On Oct 6, 2017 my daughter's husband passed away from ALS and I had to walk away because of wrong influences Andrea has exposed herself too. I ask that daily God keep his hedge of thorns around her and son Anthony, grateful her son was not there when Priestess or whatever she performed. I lift Andrea up as she looks for work, as a claim he won when injured on job and Washington L&I typical has refused to pay back pay and his illness diagnosed after the claim has no bearing but my daughter did 24/7 care of her husband and is now penniless. God has sent her sister in-law who has graciously covered her rent for November but this cannot go on as Andrea needs to get ducks in a row and seek what God would have her do as she gets stronger by troubles she is going through. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Anxiety about my job

    I recently quit my job that was mentally tearing me apart. I stepped out in faith that God wanted me to leave. I have peace that what I did was from Him. I’m now building my own practice and it’s going VERY slow. I know that if this is His will, He will provide. I’m having a bad day and full of doubt. The bills are pouring in and I’ll be out of money soon. I need patients for my practice or a word from God on what to do next. Thank you and God bless!