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Prayer Center

Prayer Center

    Please CONTINUE to PRAY for our son Tyler who wants to GO BACK to HIS FORMER JOB,, He took a DIFFERENT JOB,, so he could SEND MORE MONEY to the Girl who he's been talking to ONLINE,,, Our son Tyler is having MAJOR PANIC ATTACKS at his CURRENT JOB,,, It's EXTREMELY STRESSFUL,,,, PRAY for DIVINE HELP and MERCY for to GO BACK TO HIS FORMER JOB,,,, He NEVER had PANIC ATTACKS at his FORMER JOB,,,, please keep Praying
  • Son Tyler,,, wants to go back to FORMER JOB,,

    URGENT PRAYER for our son Tyler who wants to GO BACK to HIS FORMER JOB,, RIGHT now at HIS, CURRENT JOB, his having MAJOR PANIC ATTACKS,,, and EXTREMELY STRESSFUL,,, please PRAY for DIVINE FAVOR and MERCY, with his FORMER EMPLOYER,, They already said he COULD come back,,, ALSO our son Tyler took his CURRENT JOB to SEND even MORE MONEY he's been talking to ONLINE,, NOBODY TRUSTS HER,, please PRAY for DIVINE ROADBLOCKS and MAJOR OBSTACLES, Everyone thinks he's being USED,, please keep
  • GRANDCHILD,,, LIVES iwith US,, along with our DAUGHTER,,

    Please CONTINUE to PRAY for our GRANDCHILD who LIVES with US along with our DAUGHTER,, She's EXTREMELY UNSTABLE and VERBALLY and MENTALLY ABUSIVE towards HIM,, She's asked US MANY times to RAISE our GRANDCHILD,, Lately she's been talking about putting HIM up for ADOPTION,, please PRAY our GRANDCHILD can STAY with US,, please PRAY they BOTH STAY here,, SHE ALMOST ALWAYS tells our GRANDCHILD that she doesn't want HIM ANYMORE,,,, please keep
  • 18 year old son

    My son has just turned 18, it's 2 am, he isn't home. His choice of friends are questionable. He hasn't graduated yet and is on the edge of not making it. He had turned away from God. Please lift him up in prayer.
  • Gaining weight and I need to stop

    I desperately want to lose weight, but I keep being tempted by overeating and junk food no matter how much I try to refrain. I'm so terrible at long-term discipline, I always end up thinking 'well this ONE time binging can't hurt me' and it adds up over time. I hate myself for more than just my weight, every single day, I can't stand to look at myself in the mirror anymore. At 5'1 170ish pounds I could be worse off, and that's partly why I'm so worried. I don't want to get to 250 and wish I was at 170 again. I'm not sure what to pray for, but I think I'm using food to fill some space in my heart. I want to not put so much importance on food anymore.
  • Weekend prayer!

    Hi my wonderfull brothers and sisters at Positive Life!PPlease say a prayer for me I am homeless at 71 in NYC and in desperate need of a break the enemies attacks just keep coming I can't get ahead of them!GOD richly bless you brother Danny 5/19/18 thak you so much for being there for me for a very long time