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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Healing

    I have a stomach virus. Pray that it goes away. Thank you.
  • Protection

    Please pray that I will continue to save myself for marriage... and to not be offended by what others tell me to put me down.
  • Lynn

    Pray for my Husband . He faces so much stress trying to provide for his family, battle being sober for 2 months now. Budget is really tight, he seems to be on a high stress rollercoaster. I feel like nothing I say or do is helping him. Only God can give him that peace he needs. I pray he stays sober also. Thank you.
  • Eye infection

    Please pray for my aunt's dog (Champ) who has something very wrong with his eyes -- an infection possibly. Please pray! Doesn't look good. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
  • Rattlesnake Ridge Landslide

    Pray for those forced to evacuate because of the potential damage from the landslide.
  • TO JAMES and Anyone incountering testing of your Faith.

    1 Peter 4:12

    12 Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery ordeal among you, which comes upon you for your testing, as though some strange thing were happening to you;

    The Christian life is a journey filled with temptations, obstacles, and difficulties that are common to man (1 Peter 4:12). At the same time, it is to be characterized by the fruitfulness that comes from following Jesus Christ, our guide.
  • My Shoulder Surgery

    I will be having shoulder surgery on Monday and I’m so stressed out!! I have 3 children that depend on me for everything
  • Serving God

    I need your prayers as I prepare for an event that can bring many people closer to God or accept him for the first time.
  • right now

    Right now I am doing what I can.. I talked to voc rehab, and I will be looking for a new job.. I pray to God it would be something that I will like.. Cause right now I am burnt out.. And that the transition would be smooth.. So, the right job at the right time.. Thank you for taking the time to read this.. Thank you for caring.. I really understand what people are going through.. I know Jesus said we would have tribulation in life.. I am wise enough to know, as long as we don't give up, we will receive a reward.. In this life or the next.. Take care
  • life continued

    I am sorry to take up so much space.. I am asking for you to pray about this situation.. I really need a miracle.. Somebody stop the devil in my life..Or whatever force that is trying to destroy me right now..I live in constant pain.. My soul is filled with pain.. My bones hurt..I don't know how to explain what is going on inside me..The negative thoughts, the lack of faith, even though I have faith..I look to God to set me free..What is happening to me is crazy.. I have somebody I care about in life, but there is nothing I can do about it..We don't have the money..I have serious debt.. stress.. I put $6,000 dollars in my car in the last 3 years..And now it has over 200 thousands miles on it..I had to borrow the money..My thoughts towards God are hard these days..I feel like this life is cruel..That he is just ignoring me, or he doesn't like me.. I struggle to make sense of it all..