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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Gratitude and Praise about last week's prayer request

    Thank you to everyone who prayed for our daughter Sierra who had dangerously low (potentially life threatening) platelet count from a chronic blood issue she's had for 14 years. Her platelet counts have rebounded, her body has responded, God has sent some miraculous healing and her platelet counts are higher than they have been in the past 14 years!!! All glory to God!!! Thank you for sharing your love and giving your time. <3
  • Healing and strength

    I was injured at work a few years ago, since then the insurance company has made every effort to try to avoid providing proper care for me. Their doctors write that I'm not injured and that I don't need any care. These things are untrue my family and I have suffered greatly these last few years and I feel so discouraged. Your prayers for healing and the Lords intervention would be greatly appreciated.
  • RE: Tires; Prayer answered

    Thanks for the prayers on my car. My car will be road ready soon. God answered my prayers. Thanks again for the prayers!
  • Family

    I ask that my family would be relieved of any bad and learn to believe and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ so they live a holy life being blessed
  • Asking For Prayer For A New Apartment In Spokane , Wa

    Hello Everyone ,,,
    Me and my son currently live in Kelso , Wa . I moved down here to be with my daughters and grand kids. Make a long story short ,,,its not working down here. I feel like I am trying to fit into a family and its just not working. Also the Medical down here is not good. I am asking for prayer to help me and my son find a new Apartment back in Spokane , Wa where I was born and raised. I have family and friends who love me and my son back in Spokane. We also have a church back in Spokane who loves us. Please Help Me Pray and I Will Keep Praying For All Of You.

    Thank You ,,,
    Guy W.
  • My home

    I ask for a blessing on my home that any demonic force would leave also pray for me family too
  • 12 year old depression

    Please lift my beautiful 12 year old sons heart in prayer! He believes in Jesus with his whole heart and is fighting depression. Please pray for God to lead my husband and I to the right people who can encourage him through this time! I am hopeful that he will grow up to be a successful man with a beautiful wife and kids! Pray for God to give him peace and hope! Pray for God to shield him with protection from sins of the world. Pray for God to give him confidence in himself. Pray for God to give him good judgement in friends.
    We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
  • tires

    My car needs a lot of work. I need new tires and additional repairs. I have help for the repairs but I don't have the money for the tires. I need prayers for miracles for my tires. Thank you!
  • Praying for new job

    I have been praying for a new job for over 4 months. I live in a rural area and there isn't a lot to offer. I'm feeling stuck and hopeless. I'm also looking at a career change and some place that I may be able to retire at.

    Thank you.
  • Emergency

    Im in need of help and deliverance I’m being attacked by the devil please help