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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father God help me with heat for my house and to fix my hot water, I am boiling water for baths.. Father God help me in my life..
  • Financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father god to help me in my life..!!
  • Birthday

    I have a birthday coming up. I usually have very lonely birthdays and I just can't take another one. Pray that God makes it special. I also have a prayer request for enough money to cover my bills and that I find great deals on food for this month. Thank you for this site! I pray for all of you as well.
  • Anxiety and fear over health.

    Dear brothers and sisters..
    I have been under a ton of stress. My husband got diagnosed with blood clots in his lungs.. my 19 year old son battles colitis pain and anxiety.. and I started having strange sensations in my body... tingling and burning skin and difficulties swallowing at times.... very anxious and worried about my health too. I made the mistake of googling.. I know.. bad bad... and the things that come up are so scary diseases for my symptoms... but also they all fall under anxiety symptoms. Please pray for me to SQUASH this beast of worry and stress.. and please pray for the upcoming tests on my health. Jesus, please touch my home, my family, my health, our health...and the fears and anxieties that are trying to get us. I can do ALL THINGS WITH JESUS. We are More than conquerors in Him. we WIN WITH JESUS. WE WIN... please join me in prayer. Thank you in advance.
  • Financial

    I am asking you for your prayers that My Father god to help me in my life..!!
  • Family stuff

    Josh, work struggles, peace and hope and a new job, if that is what's best, Lord to intervene in his behalf. Need sleep tonight, sister in psych ward, had breakdown, I am stressed
  • Work struggles

    Pls pray I can have strength & endurance at work, it can be real challenging some days at a preschool
  • Deliverance

    I’ve been oppressed by demon and devil for about 6 years or so and I hear and talk to them but I’ve tried nearly everything to be relieved from them I’ve been a Christian also know the word...I just need helping hands please
  • For daughter and decision to move

    Mom called to ask for pray for her daughter, Anna, and her son as she makes decisions about moving back to Seattle.
    Anna and son are living with parents. Dad is terminal and is on hospice at home. Please pray for healing for Dad.

  • Surrender

    I have been in a relationship for the past 8 years or so that is finally coming to an end. It is now better for this person and I to part ways and remain friends. I worry about his well being as he has health issues etc. and I have been his caretaker for all this time. I have given all this over to God and need help in surrendering to HIS plan vs my own and being patient as I wait. I feel things finally beginning to turn and I look forward to new beginnings. I just continue to pray that God's plan unfolds... and that I am able to accept the time frame (it does not quite feel fast enough for my human ways)