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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Asking For Prayer Tomorrow

    They say cortisone shots aren't that bad. I am having shots put in the lower two disks in my spine tomorrow. Please help me pray for safety , Guidance of the doctors hands and no pain. Just have a little fear when it comes to playing with the disk's in my spine.

    Thank You All For Your Prayers ,,
    Guy Wilks
  • Friend's Salvation

    For Mike to be drawn to God, to see his sin as God does, and to repent and receive Christ as his Savior soon. And that his wife and two kids would do the same!
  • struggling friend

    My friend is struggling.She is behind on her mortgage and other bills by two months, her boyfriend has serious health problems and can't work. She is mentally, physically and financially drained.She has been praying everyday and hoping for an answer. She needs hope and a miracle. Please please please pray for my friend. She would appreciate it soo much!! Appreciate all prayers, god bless you all.
  • healing

    Please pray for John who I work with. He has poor circulation in his legs. It is causing pain to the point he can hardly work. He has already had one surgery. And he is a young guy. Thank you for praying for him.
  • RE: Stress

    Somehow a miracle happened and I was able to pay my bill. Just wanted to post this praise report. Thank you all for the prayers. I still have 3 more bills to pay but at least now I have a little breathing room and can relax through Christmas. Thanks again!
  • Not sure why

    I am hanging on by a thread. I don't know why weird things keep happening like unnecessary hangups, car problems that were supposedly fixed, lost items, no plausible explanation as to why things are taking three times longer than they are supposed to, but I can't do this anymore. I pray over every thing I do. I need a full breakthrough. God has to move. I am physically drained. Thank you for the prayers!
  • My Marriage

    There is deception and the devil is using our past to bring us down. Please please please I am having such bad anxiety. Pray for God's healing and direction. For me and my spouse to come together in transparency, love, and forgiveness. We need prayers today.
  • Hard to go on each day - strength - God work in my heart

    Hard to go on each day..Vision, fighting depression, despair, hopelessness, addiction...Ask prayers for strength, peace from anxiety, purpose, hurting so bad, healing want to feel Gods love and presence more,changed heart, ask for good friends/mature spiritual help, work/job...hope,healing my life from mistakes....Wisdom
  • Praise and Prayer

    Thank you for all the prayers before regarding finding a job in Lewiston, ID! I have accepted a job at a daycare facility while I pursue my dream of becoming a park ranger. Praise the Lord!

    Currently I am trying to find a 2 bedroom house/apartment to rent with a friend in Lewiston, ID relatively soon. Unfortunately, there is not a lot of options this time of year as Lewiston has a large amount of college students whose leases do not end until the beginning of summer. Please pray that the Lord will provide houseing.

    Thank you!
  • grandchildren

    Miss my BFF & his 2 bros, ages 2, 4 & 6 who moved across state last Nov. for work; parents separated. daughter-in-law/boys staying with HS friend, husband & their 5 children. no income & no money for Christmas/Santa. Boys too young to lose the magic of Christmas & Santa at such young/tender ages. She plans to stay with a single friend on Dec 24 so boys won’t notice Santa didn't come for them. But when she returns to friend's home the children will show off Santa gifts & ask boys what they got for Christmas/from Santa. Yes, Jesus is the reason for the season & boys have been raised to say grace & know about Jesus. I realize there are more important situations that people are going through requiring prayer but this is breaking this grandmother’s heart. Please pray for my daughter-in-law and the boys this holiday season. Bless you and thank you.