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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • need your prayer right now

    Please Pray for my husband,he has a lot of stress right now.Last mon, he was told that he will be no longer working with his company a month from now.His mom is sick and my father had a stroke last week and recovering now.He need to teach next week.He has PTSD and last night his stress overpower him he is punching the bed with his hand and then later on his head banging on the bed.Today he can't find his wallet.Please pray for him and for me.Please pray that he can find his wallet and please pray that God will give him a new job very soon.We are not okay at this time.We are so down.May God give us strength and grace.Please pray when you read this.Thank you.
  • Mental Health

    I am asking for prayer of my family to get the strength and power to be bold in there mental state of H.A.L.T = hunger, anger, lonely, tired. We all have trama that causes us as a family to be separate and I pray for our unity. I also ask for Mental Health. God heal us and continue to work in our daily lives! In this we pray, Lord hear our prayers. Amen
  • suicidal son

    Please pray for my son David. He is 18 and has high-functioning autism. He struggles with deep depression, is often suicidal, and feels like he has no hope or power to change. He has been seeing a counselor but he doesn't want to continue. He accepted Christ when he was 9 but hast lost faith. He says if God loved him, He would appear so that he can believe. David says he only believes in evidence and his belief system is not biblical at all. He doesn't believe in free will. Please pray for God's intervention and a turnaround for David. Please pray as the Spirit leads.
    thank you very much and God bless you for your ministry.
  • My Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer this week

    My mom was diagnosed with cancer this week. She is starting radiation today, but I don't think she is able to handle the chemo. She is already in poor health. Please pray for wisdom, strength and comfort for her and my family. We have some very difficult decisions in the next day or two. Thank you so much
  • Daughters Walk with Lord

    Please for my daughters walk with the lord she has been on fire for the lord but then has made some poor decision. She is having a hard time forgiving herself and feels shameful, so she has turned to the internet looking for guys to fill that void in her heart when she just needs to run to Jesus. So pray she will just turn back to the lord and not keep running away!
  • Son college decision

    Our 24 yr old needs more college to go into area he wants but he won't take on college loans & dad won't pay for any more unless son will take on some cost too
  • Daufhter firm with fiance?

    Our daughter & fiance to pick a wedding date &
    Follow through or her to have courage to live separate from him til they marry...they have 2 yr old & she used to follow the Lord when she was younger
  • Daughters fiance

    Prayer that Martin will desire God's will in his life & will also marry our daughter or break up but stop living together...they have a 2 yr old
  • Safe flight for Mom

    Pls pray my mother will have a safe flight to our house tomorrow & can get confirmation that she should move here or stay where she's at
  • Jon for son

    Our son needs a job soon...he is a college student & will graduate with an AA in about 6 months & needs a job now during college & afterward