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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • new place to live

    that GOD would enlarge my borders and give me a different place to live im currently living in a motel with no cooking facities.To say the least prayed for drug dealers to get out 2 doors down, the same morning they moved out another moved in right next store to me. Another nott hole for me 2 be pulled throught . I really going through some fire. pray i would find a church, with some support no family, no friends but alot of people who hate me .great and small in this city without cause .tried 2 move THE LORD KEEPS CLOSING THE DOORS.
  • Guidance for husband

    Pls pray my husband senses Lord leading regarding a job opportunity. That door would open or not in accordance to what is best for our family
  • Jethro, Ashley and Caleb

    Jethro was in a terrible accident on Sept 27, 2014 that left him in a coma with a traumatic brain injury. Since then there has been minimal improvement. Jethro has a CT this week to see how his healing is progressing. If he doesn't show continued healing his insurance company will not pay for his care in the traumatic brain injury unit and will transfer him to a standard rehab center.
    His fiance Ashley has been staying in a small RV by the hospital so she can be with him 5 days a week and returning home on weekends to be with their 1 1/2 year old son.
    Please lift them up in prayer especially this week for healing, understanding, guidance and strength as this is weighing very heavy on this young family.
    Thank you for all your prayers. God Bless
  • friend undergoing surgery Friday

    Please pray for Marcia (mar-see-a) Valdez she is havin surgery Friday. Pray she remains well and has a speedy recovery with no complications. That she know she is loved and the surgeon hand and equipment are guided by Gods Angels and precission. Amen
  • Needs

    I don't have money for shampoo and I am running out of so many other basic essentials. Praying God will end this long-standing drought in my life.
  • salvation , job

    hello please pray jesus saves me and Christy mccandless and changes our lifes would you ask every one to pray that my doctor will change my doctor excuse or there going to fire me.thank you ron
  • Children to seek Lord

    I'd like to see our daughter & son to seek God like never before & Josh to know God's will for their lives regarding their relationships & jobs
  • Husband job decision

    Please pray the Lord opens/shuts job opportunity according to what He wants us to do. We can see pros/cons either way but would like door to be shut if he shouldn't pursue this change in our lives
  • commitment to Christ

    I work in a department store and enjoy some great fellowship and comeraderie with 5 other Christian brothers. Pray that all of us would more and more be salt and light in our place of employment and be bold in sharing our faith and the gospel as the opportunity arises. I have been a believer for a long time and even went to Bible college but I feel like my relationship with Christ is lukewarm at best. I have also been married going on 21 years but am not the leader i need to be. Thank you for praying for Andrew, Scott, Ty, Steven, Jerry and myself regarding these matters.
  • Gil please call pastor at PLR

    Gil posted prayer request that is serious. Please ask him to call PLR and talk to a pastor for advice.