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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Spiritual warfare

    I've been being oppressed for a while and I'm a Christian been for a couple years. It's been hell pretty much since I've began my relationship with Christ there has been a bunch of hospitalization because the severe attacks. I've studying scripture and with a conclusion to wait and be strong. But I want these demon and devil to go because I can't see properly or even go bathroom. They are playing with my mind as well
  • financial

    I am currently searching for a job. My husband is already working. We are having a hard time with our finances. We have lots of debt we can't seem to get paid. And it is stressful, and to some extent keeping us apart. Please pray that God would open doors, that we could get out of debt. Thank you
  • Deeply troubled

    Please pray for God to uncover the truth. My fiancé has told me that a girl was persuading him to sleep with her but he said he left her apartment before anything happened. Please i can't tell if he is telling me the truth or not and it scares me.
  • Healing

    Please pray for my sister sonya. She has breast cancer. It has now spread to her liver, lungs and spine! She has 3 young girls who need her!! Please, pray GOD would heal her!
    Thank you!
  • Finances

    I pray I can provide for my family it has been over a decade of financial struggle. I am tired and just want good things for my family. We need more room and we need more to pay off all this debt . We were very short on money a few years back and the only thing I could do is pay the power bill and buy food on credit cards . Now they are just sitting there as I try to figure out how to pay them . Kind of a double edged sword. Glad I had them them, but now how do I pay them off . We live in a small apartment and my wife is pregnant with our second child. I dream of providing her a home to live in . Lord you supplies all my needs I know but at times I don't feel like it . Need prayers. Thank you and god bless everyone on here .
  • Prayer about a relationship

    I feel kind of heart broken even though I have been sort of careful to guard my heart, there is a girl at school I have been getting to know, but she has a lot going on in her life, she has shown interest in me and I really like her but I think she is easily threatened if I just even chat with another person, especially a girl....I know this sounds like red flags but this girl is a great girl and is very tender hearted....I may even be reading this wrong...I just know she is not responding to my facebook messages and I feel kind of sad, I need prayer about this situation, thanks.I am sorry if this seems shallow, I know some people on here are dealing with extremely dire situations and I lift all those prayers up to God. Please pray for this situation as well and I need God's guidance on what to do.
  • my life

    I hate to sound like a broken record.. I believe God has more for my life then this.. I live in fear, shame, guilt, about my past.. When I sleep at night, I relive my past with horrible nightmares.. I want to escape this paraonoia, fear, anxiety.. I want to be set free.. I am not a bad person.. I really hate my job too.. I need it, but I don't want to be there.. It adds to my social anxiety disorder.. I need a miracle.. Thank you
  • Direction For Son

    Please pray for God's direction for my son. He is graduating in June. God has already given us a miracle, by healing a medical condition that was quite a big deal. Now we are asking for another miracle, that God would heal his double vision, as it is keeping him from what he wants to do. There is more to the request, may the Lord lead the prayers. Please pray for him to be receptive to God's voice, and to have Peace about trusting God. I don't know what to do anymore. I worry and have anxiety about this. I'm very concerned for his future.
  • Dad Results

    Tomorrow my Dad goes to go the doctor for the results on the neck artery testing from last Monday. Please pray in the name of Jesus the results are normal. The Lord works miracles all day everyday and we need a miracle.
  • Foster Kids during Spring Break

    Please pray for all the foster children who are heading into spring break. The change in schedules and routines can be a big challenge for these kids who have already gone through so much change. Lift up the families and especially the parents to have compassion, patience, endurance and wisdom. Thank you!