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Prayer Center

Prayer Center
  • Bad dreams

    1am laying awake , more really bad dreams . lord you say do not fear, am tired of having bad dreams this is not who I am , please please replace this fear with love , protect my mind as I sleep, rid me of this evil trying to hurt me. Please, PLR family pray for protection and return my mind to righteousness.
  • prosperity

    Hope to overcome sin in my life.. Fear, shame, guilt..
  • Decisions & emotions

    Please pray for me, as I'm having alot of emotional troubles lately. My name is Sherie
  • Forgiveness.

    God the Father. I come to You in the throne room. I come in a repentance and thankful heart. It seems like everytime in do or need something to do to live a wholesome life for You and only for You. It drives me mad and angry that I have hate in my heart. I feel I don't measure up to receive any kind of help or a heir for Your kingdom. I didn't complete nothing in my life. I am shock You help me with this place, considering my schooling and drug problem. What I am asking is to help me overcome this and make something good out of nothing. Thank You Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Forgiveness to family and friends I hurt.

    God the Father. I have been carrying a heavy burden. It controls my life and holds me back from living a normal productive life. I humbly and repentance heart to be set free from this. You are a God that breaks all chains. I ask with a thankful heart to be forgiven. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • To find another appartment.

    God the Father. I am requesting a blessing in agreement. You know my situation in where I am living now. You provide this place for me. I am running out of time. I have to be out October 31st. I need Your guidance to guide me through this. My faith is in You alone, only You can make this happen. If it is Your will, let it be done. In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
  • Husband

    I need to recruit prayers for my husband . He is being held down mentally by the enemy. The past he relives is haunting . I prayed he get the protection he needs and is filled with the knowledge of he Holy Spirit. I pray he comes closer to the father and gets these chains broke. Thank you for the prayers . Amen
  • Health

    I am going to keep requesting praying over my health issues. I received a devotion today to stand out in faith and ask God for healing and thank him for it. I am praying that God will either give me the money/ provide for the major bone surgery I need or heal me completely. I also need healing for my stomach. Thank you!
  • Strength for me

    Please pray I can have physical and emotional strength for the challenges I encounter with various family needs. Want to honor my husband and also be sensitive to needs of others, as I trust his judgment with their situations. My job is draining sometimes, Lord to let me be in the classrooms that are fun too, as I'm a floater at work to allow me to stay part time
  • Son in law job

    Please oray he will get the transfer he needs to a different dept in his company very soon! Also to give God the glory for this answer to prayer!!